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English Google : webhp hl en

Updated on February 4, 2015

English Google

English Google is the Google search home page for database searches in English. defaults to the English language search home page, if your local language is English. If your local language is not English then you will need to use the Google webhp URL extension to access the English language version.

American English is the original language of the internet. Generic English is currently the most requested language on search engines, such as Google. English is also considered to be the most spoken language, either as a first, second or third language, regarding the countries in which it is spoken.

English is the main language for worldwide business and finance. It is an official language of the European Union. In terms of native language speakers it is the third most spoken language.

English Google is basically the home page for English speakers.
English Google is basically the home page for English speakers.

Google webhp hl for English

As you can see from the picture above, English Google can be obtained by using the Google webhp URL extension:


The webhp “hl” extension defines the language for the Google web page, in this case 'en' for English.

Product Access from English Google

There are several Google products accessible directly from the English Google home page:

  • Web - this is where you will find the actual URL for the page you are viewing.

  • Images - search for images from the Google database

  • Videos - YouTube videos

  • Maps - access to Google Maps

  • News - access to Google News

  • Mail - where you access your Gmail email account.

and also

  • Advertising Programs - access Google Adwords to attract new customers and Google AdSense to earn revenue from your website

  • Business solutions - for Adwords, AdSense, Enterprise search, Google Places, Analytics, Google Apps, Product search, Checkout, Postini, Webmaster Central, DoubleClick, Google Geospatial, Website Optimizer, Site search, and Google friend connect.

The 'cogwheel' icon, at the top right of the screen, gives access to:

  • search settings - to apply global preferences, for language and default settings, to your Google search.

  • advanced search - enter criteria to limit the search results returned from your query.

  • language tools - for text translation, web page translation, Google language search pages, Google local domain search pages, and translated search, where Google will use your search criteria (in your language) to find results in other languages, and translate those results to your language.

  • iGoogle – to access your iGoogle page, if you have one.

  • web history - to view and manage your web activity, retrieve the most relevant search results and follow trends in your search activity.

If you are a member of the Google+ community, you will also find functions appropriate for that product.

As for all versions of the English Google search home page, the main central portion is where your search terms are entered and the “Google search” and “I'm feeling lucky” buttons are located.


English is a western germanic language within the Indo-European family of languages. English, as known today, evolved from Anglo-Saxon which was first recorded 1,300 years ago. In the present day Germanic languages are used extensively, worldwide, as a first language. This is due to colonisation from the 16th century onwards.

Anglo-Saxon was influenced by Latin (from the Christian Church), Norse (from Viking colonizations), and Norman French (from the Norman conquest) to give Middle English. The 15th Century brought about Modern English with the great vowel shift. Modern English has a very large vocabulary due to its origins and the assimilation of borrowed words from foreign languages where Britain had an influence with the British Empire.

In addition, English has been influenced by the colonies (Australia, India etc.) and former colonies (United States), to give an even wider vocabulary.

There are a number of versions of English, worldwide, for example:

  • British English

  • American English

  • Australian English

  • Canadian English

  • New Zealand English

  • Indian English

and many pidgin English versions, one of which may eventually generate a global language.

Local Google Search Home Pages That Have an English Language Option.

The following countries have an English language version of the Google home page:

American Samoa ( English

Anguilla ( English

Antigua and Barbuda ( English

Australia ( English

Bahrain ( English, Arabic

Bangladesh ( English, Bengali

Belgium ( English, Dutch, French, German

Belize ( English, Latin American Spanish, Spanish

Botswana ( English, Tswana

British Virgin Islands ( English

Brunei ( English, Malay, Chinese (Simplified)

Cameroon ( English, French

Canada ( English

Cook Islands ( English

Dominica ( English

Egypt ( English, Arabic

Ethiopia ( English, Amharic, Tigrinya, Somali, Oromo

Ghana ( English, Hausa, Akan, Ewe, Ga

Gibraltar ( English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese

Greenland ( English, Danish

Guernsey ( English, French

Guyana ( English

Haiti ( English, French, Haitian Creole

Hong Kong ( English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (Simplified)

India ( English, Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi

Indonesia ( English, Indonesian, Javanese

Ireland ( English, Irish

Isle of Man ( English

Israel ( English, Arabic, Hebrew

Jamaica ( English

Jersey ( English, French

Jordan ( English, Arabic

Kenya ( English, Swahili

Kuwait ( English, Arabic

Laos ( English, Laotian

Lebanon ( English, Arabic, French, Armenian

Lesotho ( English, Sotho

Libya ( English, Arabic, Italian

Malawi ( English, Chichewa, Chitumbuka

Malaysia ( English, Malay

Maldives ( English

Malta ( English, Maltese

Mauritius ( English, French, Mauritian Creole

Micronesia ( English

Montserrat ( English

Namibia ( English, Afrikaans, German

Nauru ( English

Nepal ( English, Nepalese

New Zealand ( English, Maori

Nicaragua ( English, Latin American Spanish, Spanish

Nigeria ( English, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba

Niue ( English

Norfolk Island ( English

Oman ( English, Arabic

Pakistan ( English, Urdu

Panama ( English, Latin American Spanish, Spanish

Philippines ( English, Filipino

Pitcairn Islands ( English

Puerto Rico ( English, Latin American Spanish, Spanish

Qatar ( English, Arabic

Rwanda ( English, French, Swahili, Kinyarwanda

Saint Helena ( English

Samoa ( English

Seychelles ( English, Seychelles Creole, French

Sierra Leone ( English

Singapore ( English, Chinese (Simplified), Malay

South Africa ( English, Afrikaans, Sesotho, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho

Sri Lanka ( English, Sinhalese, Tamil

Switzerland ( English, German, French, Italian, Romansch

Tanzania ( English, Swahili

Thailand ( English, Thai

The Bahamas ( English

The Gambia ( English, Wolof

Tokelau ( English

Tonga ( English, Tonga

Trinidad and Tobago ( English, Hindi, French, Latin American Spanish, Spanish

Uganda ( English, Luganda, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Luo, Runyakitara

United Arab Emirates ( English, Persian, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu

United Kingdom ( English

US Virgin Islands ( English

Vanuatu ( English, French

Vietnam ( English, Vietnamese, French, Chinese (Traditional)

Zambia ( English, Chinyanja, Bemba, Chitumbuka

Zimbabwe ( English, Shona, Ndebele, Chichewa, Tswana

The English Google version of the country domain can be obtained by inserting the Google country domain (in brackets above) in place of [] in the following URL:


to make


for Google Australia in English, for example.

See also: Google languages and Google English by Humagaia.


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