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Errors in Windows XP

Updated on July 31, 2009

Windows XP Errors

By now it is common knowledge that you should perform frequent virus and spyware scans to protect your system.  If you have been diligent with these scans and you still have Windows errors and/or your computer seems slower than it used to, you may have a corrupt Registry.

Over time your computer may begin to receive various errors or suffer from reduced system performance.  Installing and uninstalling programs, updates and patches and many other things make changes to your Windows XP Registry.   After a while these changes accumulate and may cause corruption and invalid entries in the Registry.  The effect of this is most commonly reduced system performance and system errors.  Some other things you may experience include:

  • System Crash or Lockup
  • Blue Screen Error Code Screen
  • System Reboot
  • Application Errors
  • Unresponsive Programs

If you have started receiving any of these problems, your computer most likely has a corrupt Registry.

The Windows XP Registry

The Windows Registry stores many options and settings for the operating system.  These settings include operating system hardware and software settings, other program and application settings and user specific settings.  When these settings become invalid your system may slow down dramatically or receive errors and crashes.  It is vital that the Registry remains clean and all entries valid for your system to function properly.  If the Registry becomes too corrupt your Windows operating system may fail to start and you can lose valuable data.

How to Fix Windows XP Errors

While it is possible to manually repair the Windows Registry, it takes advanced knowledge and a lot of caution.  Even for a seasoned professional it is a risky procedure.  The Registry is so vast and changing the wrong thing can render the system inoperable.  Therefore, the safest and most trustworthy way of repairing Windows Registry Errors is with a qualified Registry repair tool such as Regcure.

Regcure is simple enough for anyone to use.  No advanced knowledge is necessary.  You just let the program scan your system and identify the errors in your Registry.  Fixing these errors is as simple as a few mouse clicks.  For some changes you may require a reboot.  That’s it and your system can return to its normal operation.  You should notice improved performance and stability.  I highly recommend everyone download the free scan to test their system.  Even if you are not receiving errors now it is good practice to scan your Registry regularly as preventative maintenance.

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