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Essential Software For Your Computer

Updated on November 8, 2014

Of course, the first thing you need to install in your computer is the operating system. You could run Windows, Mac OS, or Linux depending on your preferences. After installing your preferred operating system or having someone do it for you comes one of the most time-consuming part of owning a computer and that is installing software that you need/want on it. So what do you install on your brand new machine? Let me help you out with the list below.


If you have a laptop, install Prey. It is an open-source software that lets you track where your laptop is. It can even be used on phones and tablets. No matter what operating system you are running on your gadget, Prey has a version that's compatible. To get Prey, head on over at

Windows Security Essentials

The second software on the list is sadly only for Windows machines; the Windows Security Essentials anti-virus. It is free and light, two things anyone would want on anti-virus software. Sure, there are other free anti-virus software out there but Windows Security Essentials is not as popular as them so this was included in the list to help get the word out there that there is another alternative available for you if you do not want the heavy and pricey anti-viruses. Get it here:


Windows Media Player has been my music player of choice since I have only used Windows on my own computer and it might be yours too but you do not have to settle for that as there's foobar2000. This is an advanced freeware audio player so if you are not much into enjoying music as it should be, then sticking with Windows Media Player is alright. What I like about it is the gapless playback which means I can listen to an audio book or a recording of George Carlin's show without that noticeable gap between tracks. Get it here:


VLC. It just plays any video. It's free and light too so you can watch videos as you work on other stuff on your computer if you are that type of person. Another great thing about it is that it can be used on pretty much any operating system. Also, around Christmas time, the logo changes to one with a Santa hat on which is pretty cool. Get it here:


If you shop for things online and you are not using coupon codes, you are losing out on great savings. While you can go to to check for coupon codes every time you order something online, you can save time by installing Honey on your computer. Honey is actually an extension for Chrome which scours the web for available coupon codes and tries them out for you automatically. The extension can be used on more than a hundred sites too. Get it here:


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