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Europe Funding Terror to Attack Americans' Data

Updated on February 12, 2016

The U.N., Denmark, US Justice Dept and Safe Cities

The United States & Denmark Funding of Kurdish Terrorist

First let’s be real clear. When Loretta Lynch at the US Dept. of Justice went to the United Nations about this frivolous ‘safe cities’ UN scam, she failed to mention that the alleged terror attacks in Denmark were a complete and utter hoax. Denmark, like many of these European Countries, are the real instigators of censoring Americans and always trying to snatch up data from U.S. Cities. What is Europe doing with this data? Who knows but I dam sure hope it isn’t being used for political coercion like what they do in the U.S. considering that all forms of data can be ‘faked’ and ‘made up’.

Loretta Lynch is not qualified to run the Dept of Justice, she is a product of the corrupt and racist Democrat-Klan System out of Brooklyn N.Y. & frankly even Rudy Giuliani endorsed this woman. I just don't have time for all this mess.

There is no justice in the U.S. Department of Justice but instead there is a promotion of injustice by the Obama Admin, which is in itself, being run and managed by racist, pin-head leftist foundations....and that's exactly why the U.S. has made a mess of the entire world but especially the U.S. and Mid East.

The United States, France and the UK get real terror attacks, where real people die but when it comes to that US State Dept. & Denmark Scam in Copenhagen, this was simply an act of science fiction.

Denmark, like Sweden, is a large instigator of racism and terrorism in the Mid-East and Africa. Many of the CIA Black Sites in Africa are actually staffed by citizens of Sweden. Yeah, I think that Sweden should be able to handle some refugees considering their (Sweden) track record of NATO and Human Rights Violations in Africa...which I guess is off the books.

Oh yeah, it's off the books how Sweden (A NATO Affiliated Country) has been providing the cover for the torturing of innocent black & brown men, women & children from Africa & The Mid East, in these CIA Black Sites.

Now, with that being said; what gives these Europeans in cahoots with the criminals in the Obama/Clinton Admin, along with numerous racist leftist foundations (The Clinton Foundation being the most corrupt & racist), the right to data mine and use electronic surveillance on American Citizens?

What about a global 'safe cities' program for foundations & corporations, which systemically disenfranchises and exploits black & brown people in Africa & Latin America aka The Clinton Foundation?

What about a global 'safe cities' on government agencies & administrations that routinely fund and promote terrorism, as we see happening with the Obama Admin & US State Dept, in their arming/funding of Kurdish Terrorist?

There simply is no terrorism to be prevented by electronic surveillance because the Obama Admin and US State Dept. along with the US Pentagon are the ones funding terrorism in Syria and turning Syria into a Sea of Blood via Kurdish Militias.

These Kurdish Militias are terrorist and simply because they are Kurds and not from the I.S. Freedom Fighting Muslims, doesn’t give the U.S., Denmark and the U.K. a right to fund and arm these terrorist and to instigate a Kurdish Caliphate.

Just because Kurds aren’t attacking Europe but instead they attack Turkey, the U.S. Pentagon (run by the unqualified Ash Carter, a man who can only manage a suburban lemonade stand) wants to parade around these mythical photos of the so called Kurdish Female Warrior? Give me a fricken break!

In reality, these alleged Kurdish Female Soldiers are nothing but Blackwater Special Forces, under direction of a Brit Special Forces Manager & an Austrian mid-level manager, dressed in P.R. drag, and operating through these Kurdish Terror Cells.

What the Obama Admin is doing, with the instigation of that Chicago snot ball of corruption, is slandering Islam and blaming the freedom-social justice movements of Muslims for the terrorism being perpetrated by Western backed Kurdish Terrorist.

Denamrk has no right to run this silly 'safe cities' scam which is simply high tech Nazism being instigated by corporations & tech firms.
Denamrk has no right to run this silly 'safe cities' scam which is simply high tech Nazism being instigated by corporations & tech firms. | Source

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