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Everyday Practical Uses For GPS

Updated on May 23, 2009

12 Things You Can Use GPS For

When you mention GPS most people think of On-Star and Vehicle Navigation but there are a lot more ways to use GPS that the average person doesn't think of. There are a lot of applications for Global Positioning Systems GPS that the average person would never think of. But it takes a little bit of ingenuity, thinking, and trial and error. Below are a few things that you can use GPS for that you probably have not thought of.

1. You can have GPS installed in your children's cell phones and then you will always know where they are because as we all know the average teenager is going to keep their cell phone where they can reach it.

2. You can have GPS installed on your elderly mother or fathers phone and then you can keep track of them. You won't have to worry about them wandering off because if they have their cell phone with them you will know exactly where they are.

3. You can use your GPS to plan a road trip to include interesting points of interest. And on long trips you'll hear are we there yet a lot fewer times. You might just be surprised at how many really interesting places and things are just off the interstate. An hour or two at a local petting zoo can be a welcome break for both you and your children on a long trip.

4. One really great things is that with services like On-Star Emergency Help is only a button touch away. And you will get help exactly where and when you need it.

5. You can use your cell phone camera phone to shoot interesting photos of all the hidden gems you find just off the interstate. Look for petting zoos, zoos, museums, state parks, national parks, discount shopping centers, nature centers and etc. You'll find a lot of interesting and educational places often just a few miles off your travel route. Why not keep a journal of all these places so you can visit them again next year or a few years down the road.

6. You can now get collars for your pets with built in GPS locator's so you won't be out running around the neighborhood in your pajamas at 3 am. You just touch a button and you'll know almost instantly where Rover or Fluffy are.

7. In most areas of the country you can call 911 from a cell phone often even one that has no service. And the emergency personnel should be able to locate you rather quickly.

8. You can use GPS to locate shortcuts along your travel routes and get warnings about traffic problems or road construction down the road.

9. You can use GPS to locate restaurants or theaters quickly in a town or city your not familiar with.

10. If you have a laptop make sure it has a GPS locator so even if it gets stolen you will be able to find it quickly.This way you may have to call the police if your lap top is stolen but you will most likely get it back.

11. While on vacation your family members can use GPS equipped cell phones to keep track of each other and locate each other quickly even in unfamiliar settings.

12. You can track and find family members or friends in huge crowds or down at the beach. You won't be walking up and down aisles in huge markets looking for your wife of husband any more. Just push the GPS locate button on your cell phone and there they are.

And there are many other practical uses for GPS that you can come up with. Be sure that your new Cell Phones are GPS equipped and you especially want to be sure that your children's cell phones are GPS equipped so you can always locate them.

GPS Is Changing The World

Is your cell phone equipped with GPS
Is your cell phone equipped with GPS

Keep Track Of Your Teen With GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking you will always be able to keep track of your teen and not have to worry about their location. Once you push the button you will know exactly where Bobby or Jennifer is. So if they tell you on the phone that they are at the library studying the GPS device will tell you almost at once if that's where they really are. If not you can locate them quickly. Bottom-line you will have the peace of mind of knowing they really are where they say and if there ever is a problem you will know exactly where they are and get there quickly.

Feel free to post your GPS comments below.

Feel free to post your GPS comments below.
Feel free to post your GPS comments below.

Post your GPS Comments Now. Do you use GPS? How does it work for you? Post your comments now.

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      Rahul 6 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. Now everyone will know what else they can do with their GPS.

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      Adam 6 years ago

      Lovely stuff!

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      John 7 years ago

      Great 12 way to use GPS!! great site