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Everything Search Engine : Search Files Easily and Quickly in Your Computer by Using Everything

Updated on May 11, 2011

To search anything in Windows computer is a boring task. During the search, Windows machine is prone to hang and do not response several minutes. Moreover, you computer must be slow during this search time. Isn't it a painful task? Who likes it? To relief form all of these, you may use Everything. It' a great replacement for Windows search feature. It's very intelligent to locate files and folders by name instantly. Only a few moments it requires and then it builds its database to search and give back the result to you. This page contains information related to Everything search.

Everything is an administrative tool. It can easily locates files and folders by file name instantly for Windows. Unlike Windows search "Everything" initially displays every file and folder on your computer. Everything is very fast and it takes only a few seconds to build it's database. The main features of "Everything" are:

  • "Everything" is a small installation file.
  • It has a simple clean user interface which is very easy to use.
  • Files can be indexed very quickly.
  • It provides very fast and quick search.
  • Resources usage is very limited and minimal.
  • Moreover, it includes real time updating.

"Everything" is very fast. It needs only 1 second to index 20,000 files. So, it can index 1,000,000 files with about 1 minute. Moreover, the great feature that it does not search file content. It only search file and folder names.

It takes only 3-5MB RAM and 1MB hard drive space to search about 20,000 files.

This great software is totally free. It can run on on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista and can only locate files and folders on local NTFS volumes. It requires administrative privileges for low level read access to volumes. Moreover, it can provide you language pack. To download this great Search engine follow the link:

To Download Everything Click Here.

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