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Excellent Brother MFC-235C Mutifunction Printer Fax Scanner Review

Updated on December 25, 2009

I own the Brother MFC-235C Multifunction blah blah device, which is a fax machine that doubles as a printer that triples as a copy machine that quadruples as a photo capture device, whatever that is, and quintuples as a scanner. You know those people who have, like, five personalities in one body? Dealing with the Brother MFC-235C Multi Function center is like dealing with one of those people when all five of their personalities are obsessed with the fact that there is not enough ink.

That's the prominent feature you'll notice when dealing with the Brother MFC-235C, the fact that it is perpetually low on, or out of ink. It ships with just enough ink to run a few failed tests, after which Brother will expect you to fork out for their proprietary cartridges. Screw those guys, buy any cartridges that you can jam into the color coded slots. Plenty of places make cheap knock offs of brand name printer cartridges and going to the dark side early on will save you a lot of coin.

I mostly got the Brother MFC-235C because I wanted a scanner and also print and fax capabilities. Yikes. Bad idea. I've never managed to work out how to use the scanner without it blowing up whatever it scans to 400% of its original size. You might think that's a good thing because it means that more detail is in the scan. Wrong. The scan will reduce to something that barely resembles the original on its worst day, and by its worst day, I mean one in which it has repeatedly been set on fire.

Should you buy the Brother MFC-235C Multifunction Center? I don't know. It's pretty cheap, at least, it was when I bought it, and that was ages ago, which means that you could probably swap one for a twinkie now. Unlike your cellphone, its not rumored to give you tumors, and should the Internet be destroyed overnight, you'll be able to communicate with people in lands far away by using its fax function. Overall, that makes it quite a nifty device for the desperate bunker hideout of a paranoid citizen of the world. Assuming that the bunker is well stocked with black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink, scratch that, assuming that the bunker is flooded in black, cyan, magenta and yellow ink, because this little puppy is an ink hog. Snort snort. It uses ink just sitting there.

Overall Rating 6/10


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