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Exercise: Carry Gear in an Exercise Belt

Updated on October 14, 2011

Spibelt is great for Portable Electronics, Keys, Cash, Glasses - All Great Reasons to Wear an Exercise Belt

Jogging, running, walking and biking – are all great ways to exercise. However, carrying keys, music players and cell phones during exercise is not so great. How many times have we thought “there has to be a better way to carry this stuff”? The SpiBelt and the New Runners Fuel and Gear Belt are that better way.

Why Do Exercise Enthusiast Need to Carry Stuff?

We all have keys and carrying them in a pocket is agitating. They clink together and they bounce relentlessly while feeling like the pocket is going to bust at the seams.

Music is a great motivator. Armbands hold music players but what if you want to change the station or the type of music that is playing?

Energy bars can provide the push to get us through a few more miles but are often too difficult to carry during exercise.

Fanny packs have been used for years but often they are as bouncy as items in a pocket. That thumping against the body with every step is enough to cut a workout short.

What Can Replace the Fanny Pack?

During my daily runs for the past several years I have juggled keys and radios while trying to read my workout watch. A simple workout belt has been in my idea bank but has not been fleshed out. The single compartment SpiBelt is one of those items that I wish I had thought of first. The two compartment New Runners Fuel and Gear Belt interests me as well.

The simplicity of these running belts is ingenious. They are basically an elastic belt (about 1 inch wide) with a plastic click buckle. These buckles are plastic and light weight yet they are strong and will not release until you want it to. In the middle of the belt there is a small zippered pouch. The pouch expands to fit the contents.

What if I do not Exercise?

Shop without a purse and instead wear one of these belts. Take only the necessary items to the store and leave the rest at home.

Traveling is safer when you are not pulling a wallet out of your bag each time you purchase something along the way. Either the SpiBelt or the New Runners Fuel and Gear Belt can be hidden under a long shirt or jacket.

Children would love to hide little toys in one of these belts.

Both women and men would love one of these exercise belts to carry thier precious portable electronics.

Which Belt Do I Like the Best?

That is a difficult decision. I like them both although I think that the New Runners Fuel and Gear Belt may work best for my needs. I like that the second pouch would keep keys separate from my iPhone or ZuneHD. I also like that hooks are included to attach a race number.


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