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Exercise Motivation Improved with Electronic Gadgets

Updated on December 30, 2007

Hannah Montana or Horse Back Riding? Which is for You?

Stick With Your Exercise Routine with Help From Electronic Gadgets

What is the best way to get in shape? I do not know for sure - except that it has to be a routine and it has to be a routine that you will stick with. Without constant maintenance there will be no improvement. I'm sure that you have heard the saying "use it or lose it".

Motivation is the key ingredient and I believe that anything electronic helps make exercise more enjoyable. Whether it is a monitoring device, a result oriented web site, or a game, both kids and adults alike love the feedback. The initial 5 - 10 pound weight loss (could be water weight) is a short term result. The new wears off and the drudgery sets in.

Walking appeals to many, running appeals to the energized and weight lifting has a huge following. A simple chair can provide the base for both aerobic and weight bearing exercise for anyone, including those that cannot stand. Children's games can be a great source of exercise as well.

Children's Games can provide hours of fun and exercise opportunities. I have never met a kid yet that did not love to sing and dance especially when they can imitate their favorite heart throbs. Motivation is the key for kids exercise just like it for adults.

Hannah Montana Dance Mat - (5 years and up) - Your kids can dance and sing along with Hannah Montana by stepping on the dance mat. The flashing lights lead them through 3 different levels of dance. They have fun, they learn routines and they get a workout - all while having a great time.

An upgraded version also has a CD that teaches your little one to sing and dance just like Hannah Montana. A wig and a pretend style wireless headset microphone add to the fun.

HSM (High School Musical) Dance Mat (5 years and up) - Kids can feel like they are part of the cast by dancing and singing (a microphone is included) along to 4 of the most popular songs in the "High School Musical". Flashing lights flash according to preprogrammed routines starting with beginners and range up to a superstar level. Due to built in speakers personal music players such as iPods, MP3 players and CD players can be used as well.

Dance Maker Double Wave (5 years and up) - is a dance mat similar to the ones mentioned above. This time if you have two little ones they can dance at the same time. Dance competitions add a unique twist.

Fisher Price Smart Cycle - (3 to 6 years) - is a video game and a stationary bike. Nothing else is needed beyond a television or VCR. The "key" inserts into the bike and their pedal power keeps the game going. They will learn new skills (math, shapes, numbers and letters) by following the adventures, and they can even take snap shots along the way in the "Creative Journal". Optional games are available as separate purchases and the seat is adjustable so the Fisher Price Smart Cycle grows with your child.

Adults tend to like monitoring devices that provide feedback. These devices are not only for the super fit. They do not have to be expensive. They just have to be used.

Reebok Fitness 10M Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch - This is a relatively inexpensive heart rate monitor that does not need a chest strap. It monitors your heart rate and can be preprogrammed to alert you according to your settings. You get a heart rate reading within 4 seconds of touching the fingertip sensor.

It also works as a regular wrist watch, a calorie counter, a fat burning monitor, a stop watch, a count down timer and it is water resistant.

Hudson Upper Body Ergometer Bi-directional Resistance - Table Top Electronic Monitor - Can also be used on the floor to exercise the lower body. This is a quiet unit that operates with 8 levels of electromagnetic resistance. There is an integrated computer that monitors heart rate, speed, distance, time and estimated calories burned.

Bally Fitness Talking Pedometer - For those that are not sure that an electronic exercise monitoring device is something they enjoy, this is the one to test drive. At under $4 the features are remarkable. Feedback includes - step counting, mileage, simple music that plays according to your pace, talking clock, alarm to keep you on track (4 choices) and the battery is included.

Tanita CJ-688-TB Jump Rope with Calorie Counter - Jump roping is fun - but it is more fun when the handles display the calories burned and number of jumps per workout. This is a 10 foot jump rope that can be adjusted for smaller exercisers. There is also a dancing video that can be purchased to use with this jump rope.

Sunpentown AB-757 Giddyup! Core Exerciser (Dual Motor) - If you are tired of the ordinary pieces of exercise equipment that you have owned before this may be a new one that you might enjoy. Other than balancing which strengthens your core muscles there is nothing else you have to do. That may seem trite but it is a great thing for those with knee and lower back issues. The Giddyup! Core Exerciser works by moving both up and down and side to side (think of riding a horse). The user can control the speed by setting the program with up to 25 combinations.

Forerunner 305 - GPS walking/running monitor. The Forerunner 305 works with a chest strap heart rate monitor or without. Can be used inside by turning off the GPS tracking and when outside the GPS tracks and remembers your route. After your workout upload your workout to the website Train against yourself or against others anywhere in the world.

Nike+ Sport Kit - Attach monitor to your iPod Nano and the place the sensor inside or outside of your running shoes and enjoy. Some Nike shoes are designed with a special pocket for the sensor but other shoes can be worn with a small pouch tied to the laces that holds the sensor. Your progress is announced live from your iPod Nano and motivation is enhanced by preset workout music. Once the workout is over you can upload your workout to iTunes or to

By now you get my point. There are numerous electronic gadgets and workout equipment to spark your imagination and to motivate you to stick you an exercise routine. Some are relatively expensive and some are not.

I use a treadmill during bad weather or when I am short on time, but I prefer to exercise outside. I walk most every morning and I am trying to return to my daily jogging routine. I have been trying to choose between a Nike+ Sport Kit and the Forerunner 305. The Forerunner 305 will probably win out because my iPod is not a Nano.


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    • profile image

      Ka'Lu 9 years ago

      A friend once told me that if I wait until the weather is right, or if my routine depends on an available partner, I'll never exercise. How right she was! These are some great ideas to keep a person motivated and in the groove to lose weight.

    • MrMarmalade profile image

      MrMarmalade 9 years ago from Sydney

      Do it for 30 days and it becomes a habit.

      It must become a habit if you want to control your body mass.

      Use or loose it.Thank you

      Have a great new Year when it comes and a better 2008