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Exit Alarm Overview

Updated on October 22, 2011

Exit alarms sound an alarm when a person opens the door to go out. Typically they are put on doors with no access from the outside, for example, the back door of a store in a mall, however, many can be temporarily deactivated for entry from the outside.

Exit Alarms are manufactured as stand-alone alarms with no lock or as alarms that are part of a locking device.

Alarm Lock PG21MS and PG21MSS with strobe light
Alarm Lock PG21MS and PG21MSS with strobe light
Detex EAX-3500
Detex EAX-3500

Stand Alone Exit Alarms

Stand alone exit alarms can be battery powered or hardwired. Usually they are activated / deactivated / bypassed by key, but at least one model offers keypad control.

Top right is shown the Alarm Lock PG21MS and PG21MSS with strobe light, battery operated. Optional power supply available. Operated by standard 1-1/8 inch mortise cylinder (not included). Equipped with internal reed switch for single door monitoring and internal contacts for external input for multiple door monitoring. Always armed and arm/disarm preset modes. Lock and alarm LED status indicator. Selectable presets for (1) continuous alarm, (2) minute shutdown with auto reset and (3) adjustable entry / exit alarm delay. Exterior bypass possible with exterior rim cylinder.

Next is shown the Alarm Lock PG10, one of the first stand alone battery operated alarms made. Like the PG21, the PG10 is operated by a standard mortise cylinder (not included). A bare bones unit.

Below the PG10 is the Alarm Lock PG30, simliar in function to the PG21, but activated or bypassed by a keypad instead of a cylinder. Exterior keypad sold separately.

Detex offers the EAX-500 series for narrow stile applications as their entry level exit alarm. Activate / deactivate / bypass by standard 1-1/8 inch mortise cylinder (not included). Battery operated. Internal reed switch PCB senses door hand automatically when magnet is installed. Field selectable 2-minute shutdown and auto reset. Extended bypass feature allows door to be held open. Unit automatically rearms when door is closed.

Also available is the EAX-500W weatherproof version.

The Detex EAX-2500 fits on a double gang electrical box. Available in surface and flush mounted models. Uses standard 1-1/8" mortise cylinder (not included) for activate / deactivate / bypass. Battery operated, external power supply available. Tamper resistant housing and cover. Extended bypass feature allows door to be propped open without triggering alarm. Unit resets when door closes. Field selectable status indicators and auto rearming options.

The Detex EAX-3500 cannot be left disarmed. Reminder feature prompts user to close and secure door after timed bypass. Hardwired power with rechargeable back up battery. Field adjustable timed bypass adjusted using jumpers inside secure housing. Uses standard mortise cylinder (not included) for bypass function.

Alarm Lock 700 / 710
Alarm Lock 700 / 710
Detex V40 x EB exit device
Detex V40 x EB exit device

Alarmed Locking Devices

The Arm-A-Dor (top right) is an exit only exit device available with a battery operated or externally powered alarm. It's disadvantage is that if offers no means of entry from the outside. It's advantage is that it is a two-point lock that secures the hinge side as well as the lock side of the door. UL1034 rated burglary resistance. Available in manual and automatic relocking models, with or without alarm. External power available in hardwired and plug-in versions. Available RX switch available for external signalling. Fire rated model available. Double door kit available.

Below the Armador is the Von Duprin 2670 Guardex. The Guardex is equipped with a large, stainless steel deadbolt and is tested to withstand 1600 lbs. of static force. After an alarm, unit must be relocked and reset manually by key. Activated / deactivated by standard rim cylinder (not included). Kit available for external key control, also by rim cylinder (also not included). Outside trim available (model 210DT). Battery powered alarm, external plug-in power supply available.

Next in line is the Detex ECL-230D, the "D" indicating the fourth version of this device, one of the first alarmed exit locks ever designed. Nearly identical in operation to the Von Duprin 2670 above. Must be relocked and reset manually by key. Rim cylnders sold separately. Very interesting double door treatments available. External power supply available. Some inspectors don't like the paddle for legal egress, check with your local Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

The Alarm Lock 250, 260, 700 and 710 series exit alarm devices offer automatic relatching. Activated / deactivated by rim cylinder (not included). Entry from outside possible with outside trim model 707 and rim cylinder (also not included). Models 250 and 260 are paddle devices, models 700 and 710 are touchbar exit devices. The 250 and 700 have changeable automatic 2-minute alarm cut-off or manual reset, 260 and 710 have changeable automatic 2-minute reset or manual reset. Battery operated, external power supply available at additional cost.

Securitech offers a tremendous variety of very secure, multi-point locking alarmed exit devices. See their web site at for more information.

The Detex V40 EB and V40 EH alarmed exit devices are entry level, full fledged exit devices with on-board alarms. Exterior lever or grip pull trim available. Activate / deactivate / bypass by mortise cylinder (not included). Fire rated version available. The V40 EB is battery powered. A weatherproof version is available. The V40 EH is hardwired, external regulated and filtered power supply included.

Most standard touchbar exit devices are also available with integral exit alarms. Check with your hardware professional for details.


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    • profile image

      Felix 8 years ago

      can you give me the installation details fo detex 250/260?

      thank you

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 8 years ago from United States

      Download installation instructions here:

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      Jeff Meader 7 years ago

      Can you give me the installation instructions for the DG30?Any help would be greatly appreciated.



    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom Rubenoff 7 years ago from United States

      I think you mean PG30? Anyway, sorry I was on vaca. Here it is:

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      Exit Alarms 7 years ago


      Tom Rubenoff

      dear i m agree with you it is very nice blog.

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