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Explaining Bernie Sanders with Memes

Updated on June 29, 2017
Virginia Allain profile image

Politics affects all our lives. I made thousands of phone calls in the 2016 elections and now lead a group of women activists, all retirees.

Bernie Sanders Campaign Photo


Memes Help Spread Bernie Sanders' Message Online

Sharing information about Bernie Sanders is easy with hundreds of memes floating around on Facebook. Once can even make your own memes or just share the ones you find online.

Over the past year, I've collected Bernie Sanders' memes from the various discussion groups I participate in on social media. I'm the Queen of Memes. Whatever the topic from health care to for-profit prisons to affordable college, there's a meme explaining Bernie Sander's position on that issue.

Feel free to save any of the graphics I feature here. Share them around on the Internet. The whole purpose of memes is to share them.

Sanders on Health Care

A Selection of Graphics about Bernie's Stand on Health Care

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Do You Agree with Bernie Sanders on Health Care for All?

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Sanders on International Issues

Memes Explaining Senator Sanders Stance on International Issues

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Bernie on Money in Politics


Why Am I Still Talking about Bernie?

Yes, Bernie Sanders lost in the Democratic Party primary race, but he is still a force to be reckoned with. His role as a senator gives him the opportunity to grill some of the truly horrible cabinet nominations that President Trump proposed. Bernie takes the floor of the Senate and asks the hard questions of the other Senators, both Democrats and Republicans, that need to be answered before legislation that won't benefit the people can be voted on.

Senator Bernie Sanders draws huge crowds wherever he goes around the country, so the Democratic National Committee teamed with him for a recent tour. Right now (July 2017), Senator Sanders is speaking in red states where citizens need to pressure their Republican Senator to vote against the terrible Trumpcare bill that Congress is trying to ram through.

Bernie stands strong on his principles and is a force for good, a spokesperson for all the citizens who can't speak up for themselves.

Remember, We Need to Leave a Better Country, a Better World for Our Children and Grandchildren


© 2017 Virginia Allain


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