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Exploring The Dark Side Of The Deep Web

Updated on September 13, 2015
The Dark Side Of The Deep Web
The Dark Side Of The Deep Web

I am going to make this Hub as 'computer-like' as possible, and present it as though someone is sending messages to you.

Hope you'll like it. :)


Want to go to a place where TRUE FREEDOM exist?

A place where you can do almost anything you like!

Sounds great, doesn't it.

However, freedom also has a dark side.

How about we explore the dark side first?...

That is... The Dark Side Of The Deep Web...

Prefer watching videos? No problem.

Exploring The Dark Side of The Deep Web

The Dark Side of The Deep Web (Censored)

Table Of Content

05. Army Of Hackers And Trackers
04. Firearms For Sale
03. Haven For Pedophile
02. Hitmans Wanted
01. Human Experimentation

Army Of Hackers and Trackers.

Army Of Hackers and Trackers
Army Of Hackers and Trackers

Want detailed personal information of some individuals you dislike?

Wish there's an easier way to hire hackers and trackers?

Look no further because the dark web can carter to all your needs.

Here, you can hire professionals to get personal info of individuals.

Services include, The name of their parents, what they are interested in, where they work, past boyfriends or girlfriends, the name of their boss, name and info of their closest friends, their daily routine, where they usually go shopping and so much more.

And the best part, payment is made with bitcoins, making it extremely difficult to track down the clients.

Firearms For Sale.

Firearms For Sale
Firearms For Sale

Are guns illegal in your country?

Still wish you can own a gun?

Well, shop until your heart's content in the deep web.

Here, weapons range from simple handguns to powerful sniper rifles.

And if guns aren't enough for you.

You can even buy hand grenades, smoke grenades, and even land mines.

Payment is also done with bitcoins, so Hakuna Matata.

Kidnapping Children
Kidnapping Children

Haven For Pedophiles

The deep web is a haven where pedophiles can upload, share and even sell their child pornography.

Children as young as 1 year old, something even younger have fallen victim to these pedophile websites.

There are even articles in some of the forums on how to kidnap children.

This is so they can make their own... child pornography.

Hitmans Wanted

Hitmans Wanted
Hitmans Wanted

Need someone... taken care of? Your boss, your good for nothing siblings, your unfaithful wife maybe?

Wish there's some easy way to get rid of them without getting your hands dirty?

In the deep web, if you have the cash you can hire a hitman to assassinate them.

You make even make requests like how much do you want them to suffer, or to make their demise look like an accident, so no one would suspect a thing.

Again, payment is made with bitcoins, so no worries.

Human experimentation
Human experimentation
Tor browser
Tor browser | Source
The Hidden Wiki (you need Tor to access this site)
The Hidden Wiki (you need Tor to access this site) | Source

Human Experimentation

There's a group of people in the deep web who kidnap homeless and unregistered people for human experimentation.

Experiments include, exposure too extreme temperatures, organ removal, starvation...

The most inhuman experiments you can think of.

Some argued that the site is a parody but...

I know a little about physiology and the results were quite... reasonable.

And these my friends are just the tip of the iceberg...

Still sure you want to come along?...

If you answered yes, these are the links you'll need.

They will guide you on how to access the deep web.


Author's Last Thought

Whether the deep web will turn you into a better or bitter person I can't say, but one thing I can guarantee is that you'll never be the same person ever again...

Anymore Questions?

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