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Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Card for Photos and Videos

Updated on October 8, 2009

I’m sure that many of you have digital cameras with a memory card, and every once in a while, you have to download the video footage or still pics to your computer for printing, sharing, and whatnot. 

Usually, you have to attach a USB to mini USB cable in order to complete this process, or insert the card into a card reader.  However, what if you could do this wirelessly?  This is exactly what Eye-Fi is designed to do. 

When I first heard of Eye-Fi, I thought it was one of those things that was too good to be true.  However, I had a chance to try it out, and I have to say one thing: it works.  All you have to do is set up an account, link the card with the wireless network, and your pictures magically appear on your account.  I say magic because I just don’t see how a tiny card can possibly transmit a wireless signal. 

Once you have the wireless account set up, you can program where exactly the pictures will go.  All you need to do is set up a special file for them, or even save them automatically online at photo-sharing sites. 

Not only that, you can automatically rename photos with a timestamp, so you will have instant organization of photos.  You can also set up a process of picking what photos to transfer with the selective Transfer feature.

The Eye-Fi comes in many forms:

  • Eye-Fi Home:  A basic Eye-Fi that allows downloads of photos.  It has 2 GB worth of memory and costs about $49.99.
  • Eye-Fi Geo:  An Eye-Fi card that can do wireless uploads of photos and includes Geotagging for about $59.99.  Includes 2GB worth of memory. 
  • Eye-Fi Share:  Does wireless JPEG photo uploads to the computer and to the Web.  Includes 2GB of memory for about $59.99
  • Eye-Fi Home Video:  Does wireless JPEG photo and video uploads to a computer.  Includes 4GB of memory for about $69.9
  • Eye-Fi Share Video:  An Eye-Fi card that allows for video uploads to popular websites, as well as photos.  It has 4 GB worth of memory for about $79.99.
  • Eye-Fi Explore Video:  Allows for both uploading photos and videos, and you can use several thousand hotspots.  It also includes a geotagging feature, 4 GB worth of memory, all for about $99.99. 
  • Eye-Fi Pro:  Combines the outstanding features of all the other Eye-Fi cards, and includes wireless RAW uploads of photos and videos to any folder on a computer.  This one is more expensive at $149.99. 

All those Eye-Fi wireless memory cards are available on the Eye-Fi website, and the iPhone app is for free.  Personally, I believe this is the way of the future, and how it is going to be. 


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