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"Drones"- the New 4 Letter Word

Updated on April 8, 2017

Drones- the new 4 letter word

The word "Drone" elicits many responses depending on who you talk to, but often it is not a very good reaction.

Some people see it at a toy that they give to their grandchildren at Christmas that get some wow factor, but then rarely sees any flight time after the holidays.

Others view it as an intrusive object flying in the air that will interrupt a family picnic or invade their privacy.

There are some out there that see the true potential of the drones and all the beneficial applications and pursue a career.

UAS (Unmanned Arial Systems)

A certified UAS pilot is a drone operator who has completed the FAA knowledge exam to fulfill the requirements for Part 107 certification.

This separates the Part 107 pilots, or commercial pilots, from the Part 61 pilots who are flying for hobby and fun.

A responsible commercial UAS pilot follows all the FAA regulations on the use of UAS in Federal Airspace. Often liability insurance as well as incorporation is recommended to protect the pilot from potential lawsuits from equipment malfunction or perceived privacy violations.

Drones are Here to Stay


Zeppelin Views LLC

Many Drones are NOT Toys


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