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Computer Harassment

Updated on March 11, 2013
This is them.
This is them.

No, This is NOT Your Everyday Hacker

I am being harassed because I blog about my legal case and retaliation by the government over my health care complaint. As you recall (see my earlier hub about Government Retaliation in Healthcare), I was unable to receive medical treatment for a burst appendix - even when all physicians KNEW what was wrong. Using my social security number across state lines, doctors denied me treatment to protect a doctor from malpractice.

That I wrote the FBI and complained about physicians, sometimes screaming on the Federal Bureau of Investigations Healthcare Fraud Hotline, resulted in my being surveilled by them since 1997. Note that they did not talk to me on any level, but ridiculed and harassed me because I was onto something they do not want the public to know.

Now on my computer (a new computer) where I dismantled all wireless features, turned off network sharing, etc., the "hacker" (who is our government [as you read on you will know it too]) has hijacked the parental control system and made himself an "administrator," and dismantled my Word program and all features that would allow me to compose any text independent of their watching. In other words, they will not permit me to "create" a document. It would be one thing if they took copies of something already written; but what they want to do is PREVENT me from COMPOSING text independent of their watching me do it. Isn't this sick? And I know it is the government because whenever I write about them I am prevented from posting it. [I am writing this directly into Hubpages capsule when I normally type it first in Word and copy and paste my hubs.)

This is most absurd but being done under false pretenses. They - the FBI - are harassing me because I have a case in Appeals Court that I filed against the government for its violation of the Privacy Act. Without going into all the details of that, in essence, the FBI must CREATE a case against me to legitimize their unlawful surveillance of me since 1997 (which was actually done unlawfully and only to prevent me from making public the fact that persons are being medically exploited with a disease doctors refuse to treat [a disease the FBI is supposed to protect the public from].

Rather than talk to me, which would admit they were sitting on their duffs for the last 20 or more years about this disease, they instead are harassing me on my computer and in my life to prevent me from making public what should be made public.

Back to the computer. Last night I was running "Task Manager" when my computer froze. When I opened the tab on processes and users I saw the program "WatchDog" running. I have the best security on the market but a company that supplies the government with hacking technology (cannot name it here) also came up in my system search of my computer. Although I locked my user profiles, they created other user profiles and took "administrative" control of my entire computer.

Now I know it is the government because all the companies that produced the software and hardware I use basically admitted to me there was nothing they could do, which shows they are admitting that they WON'T help me.

The question I propose to all of you - and I hope you comment - is this: Is it not more than a coincidence that this level of harassment has increased only AFTER I filed my reply in Appeals Court that basically proved the government violated the Privacy Act? Are they bothering me because I am right?

Certainly it would be one thing if the government waited until I composed something in writing to react to (like here, for example); but to keep me from writing anything at all (the moment I typed my resume, for example, they took it off the desktop so I could not use it to apply for jobs) shows their actions to be juvenile and, thus, evidence of the wrong done to me that they should be harassing me to such degree NOW when I have been blogging and writing about the same thing for over a year now.

The absurdity of all of this is astounding. And at the depths of it is gender prejudice, a need to be on top and a perverse need to get one last punch before the whole case goes public. It is disgusting beyond belief.

Please note: That this kind of harassment is being done to a woman who complained about doctors' malfeasance and that the government wastes our tax dollars on the harassment of me rather than more violent activism or activists shows clearly a cowardice in these officials unlike anything we have seen before. It is incredible, people, incredible.


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