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Find the Blackberry Network MEP Code and the MEP Number

Updated on September 24, 2011

MEP - Code or Number... there is a difference.

What is the MEP? When it comes to a smartphone from RIM Blackberry, MEP can mean two things, and there is a big difference between the Blackberry network MEP code and the Blackberry MEP number.

The Blackberry Network MEP Code

Enter Network MEP code (10 attempts left)
Enter Network MEP code (10 attempts left) | Source

The Blackberry Network MEP Code

The Blackberry network mep code is a 16 digit unique code that is entered into a Blackberry smartphone after following the MEPD unlocking instructions. Also known as an unlock code, it disables the MEPD 2 function on the Blackberry and allows the phone to work with SIM cards from different service providers. After entering the network mep code the mobile phone is no longer locked to its original network service provider. This can have benefits like using local SIM cards when travelling abroad and saving money on expensive roaming charges. The re-sale value of a phone is usually higher when unlocked. It also helps to unlock a phone if the model you want is not offered on the network you currently use. This type of unlocking is completely legal and will not void the warranty on the Blackberry as no software is used to change the firmware OS.

Blackberry MEP Number Key Generator
Blackberry MEP Number Key Generator | Source

The Blackberry MEP Number

The Blackberry MEP Number is an identification number used by the RIM factory to give each handset a network origin. MEP means "mobile equipment personalization" and that is its exact purpose. When carriers like Orange or T-Mobile place order for Blackberry handset with RIM, the manufacturer, each handset has to be embedded with the correct firmware and specifications to match the country, language an restrictions that may be ask for by the network provider.

Knowing the MEP number is essential to successfully unlocking a Blackberry mobile phone. Providing the MEP from you handset along with the IMEI number would guarantee a 100% correct unlock code.

However, the MEP number is found on the engineering menu of the Blackberry and it cannot be accessed without first entering a KEY. To get the KEY that gives you access to the engineering menu you need to use an MEP Reader Tool like the one located at: . Use of the MEP reader tool is free and there are very easy to follow step by step instructions with plenty of photos to guide you through the process.

Remember MEP vs MEP - Not the same

So now you understand that although the MEP is a Blackberry thing, the Network MEP Code and the BB MEP Number are two complete different things.


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    • profile image

      olawale 3 years ago

      How can mep for torch 2 blackberry

    • profile image

      zameerhussain 3 years ago

      how do i get my mep code for blackberry curve 9300

    • profile image

      onumeykidaikala 4 years ago

      Good sharing about MEP unlock code.I got unlocked my Blackberry Curve 8300 using the unlock code.I got unlock code from the site and unlocked it easily.

    • profile image

      olawale 4 years ago

      unlocking code for z10

    • profile image

      luqman 4 years ago

      plz give me mep code i m very absut

    • profile image 4 years ago

      Network MEP code is finish already 10 times then????

    • profile image

      clinton 4 years ago

      the key generated it not opening the OS engineering screen.

      do i type the App Vers.. as it is shown with the dot and every thing?

      e.g: (31...

      pls help me!

    • profile image

      steve 4 years ago

      this doesn't tell me how to find it.. it tells me what is it.. i need to know how to get one :/

    • profile image

      ken 5 years ago

      my network MEP is on 0, HOW DO I UNLOCK IT

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago

      how do i get my subsidy password for bb bold 9780?

    • profile image

      shannon 5 years ago

      How do I getbthe mep network number an where fo I ge it from

    • profile image

      shahid 5 years ago

      Network MEP code is finish already 10 times then????

    • larry71 profile image

      Larry 6 years ago from Illinois

      interesting, useful and mark up.