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FOX Code - Have you seen QR Code while watching Netowrk TV?

Updated on September 2, 2010

FOX Network recently launched a new service called FOX Code. You may have seen the black-and-white random block patterns flash on your screen when watching TV. The patterns are in QR Code, a two-dimensional barcode capable of storing a thousand or more characters of data. In past few years QR codes have been popping up everywhere from magazine ads, movies, clothes, art, product packaging and billboards.

FOX first began using the codes in August. FOX Network is using the codes to deliver additional show information and promotions for its fall shows, including Lone Star, Glee and Fringe. The codes lead you to a web site optimized for smart phones containing photos, videos and more.

QR codes can contain a message, link to a web site, instructions for sending a text message, contact or other information.

These codes can be read by smart phone applications, and you can easily add one to your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone if it does not already have one installed. The phone reads the code using its camera and the program decrypts and displays the message. Some example programs are Scanlife (, MobileTag ( and NeoReader (

QR code was created by the Japanese company Denso Wave Incorporated (, who owns the patent and allows anyone to use the code. Denso Wave also owns the trademark on the word "QR Code" and should be given credit if you use that word in printed material, but the actual code pattern can be used without giving any credit.

The initial use of the code was for manufacturing and logistics applications to store product, customer and order information. The codes can be read quickly by machine or by using a hand-held scanner. It is a quick and easy way to store manufacturing dates, batch numbers, serial numbers and inventory tracking.

There are free programs to create your own code, such as QR Stuff (, you can then print this code or buy various items with your code printed on it.

See Fox's page about Fox Code (


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