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Freedompop's New Gsm Lte Sim Card Gives You Free Talk & Text & Data for Life!

Updated on February 13, 2017


FreedomPop is claimed to be the first 100% Free Internet, Talk, and Text mobile company out there. They have been around since 2012-2013 era. They promise to the consumers to give them free talk, text, and data for $0/month. FreedomPop is here to disrupt the mobile world and go against the grain. A company out of California and now is globally known all over the world for their low rates and keeping users connected at any cost. They have expanded since 2013. Last year we have seen a lot of changes for the good and bad. This is what you want and need. A company that not afraid of challenges and obstacles. From their mobile hotspots that give you LTE Data for Free to the WhatsApp Global Plan for FREE and now their new GSM LTE sim card that is available right now will give you the talk, the text and Data for the FREE! It is now 2017! Take a look at what this newest and latest product can do and offer you.


FreedomPop GSM LTE Sim Card

The freedompop sim card is now fully 4G LTE now. Yes, you are reading this correctly. FreedomPop now has another official partner in At&t. At&t sims run off GSM. FreedomPop at first was only using Sprint which is CMDA. Now there are 2 LTE partners! This is now a good thing. For the price of the sim which is $4.99 is it worth it?

The new sim will work in phones that use At&t and T-Mobile and fully unlocked devices. The new GSM sim card has great data speeds. Based on my findings I haven't come across any throttling of speeds. Some pings were very high. But as I was out in about yesterday in Collinsville, IL, I saw speeds over 20-30mbps down and 10mpbs up! Must I remind everyone this is 4G LTE At&t networks speeds. Using this new Freedompop sim is the real deal At&t power. I was very impressed and even surprised.


Browsing the internet using Chrome was a smooth experience. I was able to surf the web with no problem at all. Was able to watch videos without any issues and download articles for offline access using the At&t network. This was very awesome.


My apps were running good with great loading speeds opening and closing and posting and commenting with my social network apps were pretty good. Even the Twitter app runs well.

Using the Youtube app was pretty good as well. Didn't see any buffering and load times of videos was great as well. I even downloaded some youtube videos and downloads were very fast. Took no time at all to download the videos I wanted to watch for later. This is another plus in my books.

As far as messaging goes messaging has been a breeze and very snappy. Using WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Hangouts they all ran very well using the At&t LTE sim from Freedompop. Makes you want to smell the fresh cold air. Ah. The feeling. These apps will barely touch your data. So keep that in mind.


As far as call quality goes? Superb! Now I wasn't using the stock dialer app on my Nexus 5X. I have been a big fanboy and somewhat of a Guru for the application Google Hangouts. Hangouts allowed you to link your project Fi number to the app for calls and texts (SMS). You can also message other hangout users as well. You can even video chat within the application too. This is why I like hangouts a lot. That the fact I can answer my calls and messages right from my Galaxy Tab or even PC. I love the flexibility in this application. But Hangouts had its fair share of downfalls. The thing this time around is that calls came through crystal clear! I was able to talk and no echoes or no dropped calls. Everyone I had a conversation with while using the hangouts app running on the LTE said "WOW" "I can hear very clear now" "Amazing". Those were their exact words as I asked them.

The Verdict

Although a lot of people say FreedomPop isn't a good service and you should skip over their plans and how they set up things, this new sim card is a monster! No, you won't be able to use the stock dialer app with their service, but there are other alternatives out there for calls such as Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Skype. You do have to pay extra for MMS messages even using their app. But if you use the apps mentioned you won't need their MMS plan. That is not included in the $0/month package. With the 100% Free Service, you get 200 minutes, 500 texts and 200MB of data. But, you can send a friend request to earn and share data. FreedomPop did not put a cap on how much data you could get for free but only for the friend requests which is capped off at 500MB. If you download their MyFreedomPop app from the app store or Google Play you earn an extra 200MB for downloading the app using the same login account. So, now you are up to 900MB/monthly for free! They do have monthly plans that you can pay for if you choose to and extra services to enhance your mobile use. But that wasn't their attention getter. This is a phone service that everyone should get now, even if you don't feel you can benefit from it. This will lower costs down of your original phone bills! Knocking off 100s of dollars each month and year. Now, that they are using full 4G LTE on At&t, this is a MUST service!

Overall, you can not beat nor ignore the "100% Free Phone and Internet Service".

FreedomPop, you have finally disruppted the mobile industry!


Freedompop Gsm Lte Sim Card

5 stars for ATT 4G LTE

APN Settings Screenshot


Instructions On How To Setup FreedomPop APN for Att

  1. Go to phone Settings.
  2. Tap on Cellular Networks Tab.
  3. Select Access Point Names.
  4. Tap on the + button in the right hand corner of the settings.
  5. Add the name FreedomPop in the Name tab.
  6. Tap on APN tab and type in
  7. Tap 3 dots in the corner and tap save.
  8. Tap the back button and select the FreedomPop APN. You are all done.

Freedompop Gsm 4g Lte Official Video

FreedomPop At&t 4G LTE Data Speed Test Video

FreedomPop New GSM Sim Card OFFICIAL VIDEO!

Available Plans

Basic Free
200 mins, 500 texts, 200MB
Rollover Data $3.99/month
Premium 500MB LTE $12.99
Unlimited Talk & Text, 500MB LTE Data
MMS $2.99/month
Premium 1GB $19.99
Unlimited Talk & Text, 1GB
FreedomPop Security $2.99
Premium 2GB $28.99
Unlimited Talk & Text, 2GB
FP Private Internet $7.99
Premium 3GB $36.99
Unlimited Talk & Text, 3GB
Premium 4GB $43.99
Unlimited Talk & Text, 4GB


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