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Facebook Challenge

Updated on October 15, 2011

By: Leslie A. Panfil

According to Facebook, I have 255 friends. This doesn’t make me wildly popular but rather marginally acquainted with a broad circle of individuals. An endless stream of vacation photos, musings and mutterings parade across my computer screen and I delude myself into thinking that I’m actually “connecting” with my friends.

So, I’ve decided to challenge myself to really connect with my friends by sending each and every one of them (yes 255 of them) a genuine, personalized, heartfelt message that falls into one of these four categories:

1. Rewind. Let’s face it, some of my Facebook Friends I haven’t seen since I was in 5th grade and all we really have between us is fuzzy memories of Mrs. Schultz, who smelled like moth balls and made us recite our times tables at nausea. Everyone likes to be remembered and sometimes the funny story we have to retell has been long lost in a sea of mental muck and is worthy of resurfacing.

2. Fast Forward. As you look ahead, what do you wish for your friend? Are they going off to college, getting married or starting a family or new career? Well wishes and sage advice could be a welcome gift to someone facing a whole new chapter in their life.

3. A Note of Appreciation. How often have you felt that no one appreciates you? There are so many things to admire about people who have crossed your path in life.

4. Linked. There are people on my “friends” list that I don’t have a historic connection with or a deep abiding feeling of appreciation for. For these friends I’ll take the time to send them a link to something that I think they would enjoy. Not your typical goofy link, but something that demonstrates that I know them and appreciate their unique interests.

Speaking of links, I plan to include a link to this hub so that no one thinks that my “out of the blue,” overly sentimental correspondence is because I am terminally ill. And, after I’ve completed my challenge, I plan to write a hub about my experiences really “connecting” with my friends.

I encourage you to take up this challenge with me and post your experiences, thoughts and feelings as you make the kind of connections that really matter – sincere ones.


What percentage of your Facebook friends do you have meaningful contact with?

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    • profile image

      Gina Stabile 6 years ago

      What a very cool idea!! I love that I was honored enough to receive a personalized message. I will take you up on this challenge and thank you for thinking of it. (I really love your informal writing style in this article too!) You just gained another follower! :-)

    • Linda Compton profile image

      Linda Compton 6 years ago from The Land of Enchantment

      Thank you for your thoughtful and provocative reflections. As an Internet Marketer and business coach, I engage with others through social media for business, in addition to connecting with my more traditionally defined friends. It has definitely broadened my "circle" and I enjoy interacting, if simply to share ideas with kindred folk. My more personal friends and I connect in additional ways (email, phone, lunch, etc.). Appreciated your perspective. Sincerely, Linda

    • maxravi profile image

      Ravi Singh 6 years ago from India

      Well i have many friends which interact with me on daily basis on facebook.I love it as it gives me a quick way to connect my friends and relatives.

    • profile image

      Lisa Clague 6 years ago

      Hey lovely lady!

      You've tapped into a huge issue with me...

      For me,Facebook has become an interesting connection with artists from all over the world. Connecting with work, events, possible opportunities, being exposed to so much ART etc.

      I almost miss the days when you didn't know what was happening and you trusted yourself and your own discoveries. I see a lot of repeated work... influences that end up diluting the power behind solitude and searching for ones own truth. It's better to trust in someone elses truth....hummmm drummmm

      Anyway....I sift through hundreds of posts to find a few friends I love. I"m enchanted with the stories of their lives, their triumphs, their pain or how adorable their new puppy is.... So Leslie once again you engage me, I love when you share the wackiest pics of someone who made a pine cone dress and we wonder why! Thank you dear Leslie!!!!! We will get our daughters together someday!