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Facebook Font Small

Updated on November 2, 2010

You may have noticed that the font on Facebook is extra small. The small font on Facebook is annoying and has been bothering a number of Facebook users recently. Personally, I noticed it several hours ago, but it is not the first time that I've noticed minuscule font being used on the site. Normally, it clears up within an hour, but this is the longest it's been small for me.

Why Is Facebook's Font Small?

While the reasons could certainly vary, the most likely explanation is that there is an error is Facebook's CSS. CSS stands for cascading style sheet and controls all the physical aspects of the site's appearance. Hopefully someone at Facebook will realize this and make a change, but the change may not be reflected for a while.

How to Make Facebook's Font Bigger

Temporarily, you can hold in CTRL and Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom in on the page. This isn't the best solution but it will have to work for now. Alternatively you can download a custom browser extension to edit your own CSS and make the font larger.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon!


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