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Facebook Smartphones And The Uncaring Generation

Updated on September 1, 2018
Nell Rose profile image

Nell is a trained Psychologist and lives in London England. She has been writing since she was a child.

Girl falls off bike being filmed
Girl falls off bike being filmed

A phone was just a phone...

I remember a time when a telephone was something that you used to communicate with. It sat on the hall table at home waiting to be used. When it rang all of the family would dive for it to see who was phoning them. Ah memories!

And I also remember those magic years when people cared about the feelings of others too. You know what I am talking about. Asking how they are, making sure that they got home safely and so on.

In fact most of us didn't need telephones. We talked to each other! Gossiped over the wall to the neighbors, yelled hello to the man or boy bringing the newspapers, and held the gate open for the milkman.

Back then people would socialize and laugh themselves silly.

Not any more.

Robert Cornelius took the first portrait photo back in 1839 The very first Selfie!
Robert Cornelius took the first portrait photo back in 1839 The very first Selfie!

Let's just step back in time for a sec..

Something strange happened around 2010. Of course the first 'Smartphone' was actually back in the 90's just as a hand held device. But the phone that we call the real Smartphone came into being properly in 2010.

For a long time the novelty was in picture taking. People were taking photos everywhere. Trees, dogs, cats family members and so on. Then it happened.

The Selfie.

Who did the first selfie for goodness sake?

Actually that's a good question. In fact the answer to that one is......

Robert Cornelius in.....1839! yep you heard me!

The story goes like this. It was the very first photographic portrait ever taken! And he did it by setting the camera up in the back of his store!

Robert was a chemist living in Philadelphia. The photograph was a daguerreotype.

Did you know?

daguerreotype photography.

a photograph taken by an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapour.

Getting slightly off the subject there, but there is a point....

Back then and right up until recently the people who took photos were serious photographers, artists and scientists. Then along came the more modern camera's and the public still took relevant photos. Family photos, people having fun and so on.

But something weird happened. Everyone got their hands on a Smartphone, and kids and young adults began to morph into really strange creatures.

Away went the caring young people who would help someone in need. And in its place appeared ghouls who would stand clicking away at their phones trying to get the best picture or video of the old lady who had been run over by a car.

And they even take photos of dogs being tortured. Or babies post operation with tubes and swollen bellies, and demand, yes DEMAND that you LIKE and SHARE this photo on Facebook, because nobody had PRAYED over it. In a 'voice' that sounded accusatory and you should be ashamed not to have LIKED it!

Sigh.....What the hell?

Care about your kids? Don't film them while driving!

What the hell happened.....?

I am not sure what's happening. Its pretty scary stuff if you ask me. I have visions of someone falling under a car and nobody helping them apart from me screaming, 'Put those damn phones away and help them!

What has happened to make these kids think its more important to film someone in distress than actually getting off their ass and being a good citizen?

I have even watched on TV when someone was being chased through one of the London Underground stations hotly pursued by a knife wielding thug, and instead of calling the police, or trying to help, at least 20 five people stood there, phones aimed at the action with a look on their faces of excitement knowing that when they get home they can show all their little friends!


Well here's a secret that needs telling to these selfish self centered people!

Unbelievable! London underground.

There are no words!


Oh not about the people in distress, we care a hell of a lot. The people we don't care about is YOU! You and your stupid video's and photos.

Do you honestly think that the photo or video you take is any different to the ones that all the people around you are taking? No!

And even if it was vagually interesting, do you honestly think that people will remember it two seconds after watching it? They won't even know or care who put it there! That is how fickle people are these days!

So lets get back to the person who may just have died because you wanted a photo!

Here's a thought.

Perhaps if you had saved that person, then it would be you who would be filmed. Your face would be all over the internet claiming you as a hero!

Surely that is more satisfying than filming stuff that means nothing?

Think on it.

What would you do?

Really!? Filming?
Really!? Filming?

Let's help the person before the video, not the video before the person!

— Nell Rose

Oh and while we are on the subject of photos.......!

Please explain to me this obsession with Selfies? Why on earth do you honestly think we are the slightest bit interested to see you gurning, yes gurning! at the camera with that stupid fish pout on your face!

Who the heck came up with that idea? You know the ones. It goes like this:

Hi, this is me in the local bar!

This next one is me in the club next door.

And this one....? Oh yeah, I was in the toilets of the local store!


Trouble is, not only do the photos look stupid and meaningless, we:

1. Don't care where the hell you are


2. Your stupid face with your stupid pout is so close to the stupid cell phone you could actually be sitting on the moon wearing a tutu because we can't see behind you! Jeez!

There said it off my chest.

So..(deep Breath)

Next time you want everyone in the world to know you are walking along the street, in the bar, in the club and so on either take a photo of the darn place, or shut the hell up! Oh and those Selfies?

Chuck them (metaphorically) in the trash!

A cross between a pike and a dummy! The Selfie!
A cross between a pike and a dummy! The Selfie!

Last word on the subject....

Please bring back your humanity! There, I said it.

Stop filming those horrible accidents where you can save someones life instead of filming it.

What is your problem? As I said earlier. You want fame? Then be the one person who helps the injured. Believe me, your face will be all over the news so fast you won't be able to say Selfie!

Put the phones away. See the world in all its full glory. And help your fellow man.

Simple really.

© 2017 Nell Rose


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