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Nanotechnology PT 1

Updated on June 4, 2016
Chentrail Aircraft
Chentrail Aircraft | Source
Nano-fibers | Source
Nano-bot in the blood stream
Nano-bot in the blood stream | Source
DARPA Cortical Modem connects brain directly to computer for 'electronic telepathy and telekinesis'
DARPA Cortical Modem connects brain directly to computer for 'electronic telepathy and telekinesis' | Source
Facebook Telepathy
Facebook Telepathy | Source

Facebook Is an Experiment for Mind Control PT 1

Facebook is an experiment for mind control

It is no coincidence that Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook said that the future of communication is telepathy. Zuckerberg’s vision is a world where Facebook users would not need Facebook intermediaries to communicate but instead would be able to communicate using brain to brain telepathy. Zuckerberg said that the next thing for Facebook is that a Facebook user can think of something and their friends will immediately experience it to ("Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Says the Future of Communication Is Telepathy…” 2015).

During the year of 2013 scientist at Duke University experimented with two lab rats implanting them with microelectrode arrays, teaching one of the rats to press one or two levers. The second rat that had not been trained, through telepathy it had known which lever to push because it had received neural signals from the first rat by means of the microelectrode arrays.

To break this down fully, the nervous system of humans consists of cells (neurons) that communicated with each other using chemical signals (neural transmitters). When a neuron receives a chemical signal it generates a small electrical spike. Millions of these signals are needed for the operations that the brain does, for example, typing a paper, clicking a mouse, or remembering to lock your doors.

There exists a device that is being used as an implant on the human brain. This device is called nano-bots. Whereas through chemtrails nano-bots are emitted into the air. Nano-bots intrude into the host’s brain encapsulating a neuron. Chemtrails contain nanobots that come down from the atmosphere from planes emitting them, then humans breathe them in. The nano-particles (nano-bots) go into the blood stream jumping the blood brain barrier lodging itself into the brain becoming frequency transceivers.

The effects of nano-bots on humans

Chemtrail’s that emit Nanobots creates an environment in the brain that causes a decline in spatial perception and stuns higher thought processes ("Strange Days Strange Skies", 2015). . The chemtrail’s carry other chemicals that raises dopamine levels in the human brain causing a state of euphoria ("Strange Days Strange Skies", 2015). Individual’s being in a state of euphoria due to being affected by chemtrails cannot comprehend what is going on around them. The individual does not detect any threat that has taken place because of being dumbed down by the harmful chemicals. Nanotechnology can input thoughts, feelings, emotions, and sounds right into the mind of its host. It can also control the host by sending signals to their muscles causing it to contract. What this all leads to is TransHumanism.

Ephesians 2:2

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the "prince of the power of the air", the spirit that now worketh in the children of disobedience.



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