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Facts About Stick on Wallet for your iPhone/Android Phones

Updated on February 14, 2017

Everyone or almost everyone these days owns one or two mobile phones and each one wants to accessorize and personalize their phones to make it unique. One of the recent trends in accessorizing their phones is the stick-on wallet.

Stick-on wallets are just like your ordinary mobile phone cases that can hold credit cards, business cards or licenses, and eliminates the need for carrying a bulky wallet; however, these stick-on wallets are slimmer and by the name itself, you stick the wallet behind your phone for a stylish, slimmer, and unique look. Stick-on wallets allows you to keep your cards in a compartment on the back of your phone.

Today, there are many iPhone cases to choose from.
Today, there are many iPhone cases to choose from.

Carry-Anywhere-Wallet for iPhone

Whether you're going to the beach, the bar, or the gym and you do not want to bother yourself with a purse, these stick-on wallets are your best bet. You can carry up to 3 cards and you can insert 2 or more bills between your cards. Your money or card are hidden from plain sight without you having to flip the case open. Moreover, it does not add a lot of bulk to your phone and stores your card and money that is readily available when needed. It is the most minimal and discreet wallet you can imagine.

There are multiple stick-on wallets on the market to choose from; however, I would personally recommend a leather wallet since it can last longer than the silicone wallets. Silicone wallets are cheaper than leather wallets but why invest on a cheaper wallet when you can invest on an expensive leather that is built to last. Yes, you can buy cheaper silicone wallets, but in a month or two, you may need to replace it again. Thus, it will cost you more than ho much you bought the expensive wallet.

Provide a suitable case for your phone's protection.
Provide a suitable case for your phone's protection.

Stick On Wallet for Men and Women

Another characteristic that I love about leather wallet is that it does not look cheap. It gives that expensive and professional looking accessory for your phone. It can also work both for men and women. You just have to find the right color that will suit you. Plus, genuine leathers do not break easily, so if you are going for a leather wallet, choose genuine leather. Furthermore, these wallets are great ideas for a gift.

A lot of stick on-wallets are compatible with almost every smartphone. Thus, it is easier to pick one for a gift. The only thing you need to keep in mind if you are buying one for a gift is the color that your recipient wants. Checking online, I see that almost every color, from red to brown, to dark brown, to black, to grey, etc., are available. My favorite is the white leather from Wallaroo. They offer a variety of colors so you may want to check other colors from the link provided below.

The stick-on wallet from Wallaroo also offers non-slip interior grip that will keep your cards from falling out. So that is definitely a plus since you would not want to lose your cards when you are out running or taking a walk.


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