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Fake Security Cameras

Updated on August 31, 2009

In today's day and age, home security is a big concern for some people. Whether you're looking to protect your family, your assets or just achieve peace of mind in general, homeowners have many options available. If you've got the cash, a home security system with all the bells and whistles is probably on your agenda. But what if you haven't got loads of money to spend on such things? Good news! There are highly affordable methods of deterring criminals, even if you're not among the super rich. One of the best ways to keep criminals at bay is by using a fake security camera. Simply attach an imitation security camera to the exterior of your home and voila! Even the more experienced thieves will think twice, perhaps even thrice, before getting any closer to a home with a dummy security camera. They come with a blinking LED light and look quite real, but they cost you nothing beyond their initial price and the time it takes you to install them.

SVAT Outdoor Security Camera

The SVAT outdoor security camera is quite realistic looking. It comes with wires and full mounting gear to give it that professional appearance. It operates on two AA batteries and the blinking red LED light will make it that much more authentic and serve as a deterrent for anyone who might be scoping your home or property out. Not only that, this can act as housing for a real security camera which makes it that much more realistic.

Dummy IR Bullet Camera

The Dummy IR Bullet imitation security camera is a less expensive model but it still gets the job done. Fake wires and a blinking LED light make it appear quite real; real enough to worry burglars and others who might be up to no good. Can be used outdoors or indoors, at home or at the office, can be used as a standalone security camera or even in conjunction with real security cameras to add to the effect. Operates on two AA batteries.

SWANN Imitation Camera

Swann makes real security cameras that look just like this one, which means that, from a few paces away, professionals and criminals alike will not be able to spot the difference if you've got a Swann SW215 DMX camera at your home. The real thing costs close to 100 USD and that's just the camera -- this imitation security camera costs about 1/10th of that and offers the same visual deterrence the real thing makes! Simply connect to your home or office exterior (or interior) and let it do its job. Note that it does not have a blinking LED light like other models have and therefore does not require batteries. Also note that this model also comes in black so if you'd prefer one or the other you will want to double check the product before you order.


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