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Yarns,Types - A Video - Hi Tech Knitting.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Different Yarns used in Weaving & Knitting.

Yarn for Knitting
Yarn for Knitting
Hand Weaving or Knitting this can be used.
Hand Weaving or Knitting this can be used.
Dyed Yarn on Cones used for Weft in Weaving Machines.
Dyed Yarn on Cones used for Weft in Weaving Machines.
Weaving Machine.
Weaving Machine.

Circular Knitting Machine.

Flat Bed Stitching Machine High Speed.

Listen carefully.

Watch this keeps you busy if you learn.

Fancy Yarns and New Tech Kntting Machines.

The use of Fancy yarns on power driven machines are made only for this type of yarn.

We do have power driven knitting machines but those yarns are all made from Spinning Machines with Electronic Controls to produce any fancy type of yarn as designed and incorporated in the soft ware of this electronic controls.

There are simple mechanical attachments also fitted to Spinning Machines which produce slubs,knots, fixed interval loose ends twisted and doubled with dyed yarn on Doubling Machines.

The Doubling Machines are similar to Spinning machines with out any drafting attachments fixed to draw and make the yarn thin and twist,this process is avoided in Doubler Machines.

The Doubler Machines are of a special kind in the sence they double and double as many times as you want inserting 'S' or 'Z' twists the only 2 types of twists used at alternate doublings to get the required texture.

The yarn to be Doubled on these machines require pre Doubling process,that is they have to be wound on Cone winding machines which double,triple,4flod,5fold,6fold,7flod,8 fold and more if required for special purpose such as yarns for Industrial use.Any amount of writing is useless as these things need hands on experience.No use telling how sweet is sugar with out allowing to taste the Sugar.

Visit a doubler plant installed in any Spinning mill and you will get to know better how the whole things works.

Many people take up this work at home and use the yarn for hand knitting.

The yarn is knit by hand in so many types but the lat Bed and Circular Knitting Machines that use electronic controls use the best zero defect yarn and produce fabrics of such quality that our Hand Knitters can hardly achieve in quality or quantity.

At the end of the day its a Hand Knitted Sweater,socks or Scarf that is a Gift from your grand mother who can only do this work.

To day Knitting is so advanced that you can knit a fabric with electronic sensors that will monitor your blood pressure at the beginning and end of your daily exercise feeding information by wireless blue tooth technology.

Compresses yarn knitted socks are made to order Socks for those suffering from nerve disorders affecting their feet this is out in the market and you can get it for your Dad if he has a problem.


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