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Canon Fast Lens, Wide Angle Digital Cameras

Updated on October 15, 2010
Canon Powershot S90 Digital Camera
Canon Powershot S90 Digital Camera

Fast Lens and Wide Angle Digital Cameras

I have been looking at digital cameras with fast lens and wide angle to capture low light photography with no flash and in restricted space. With advancement in technology, more capabilities are being added to the latest digital cameras. Some of the cameras I have been looking into with fast lens and wide angle, may include the following like Sony TX1, Panasonic LX3, and the Canon Powershot S90.

Price comparison for TX1, LX3 and S90 Cameras

I have been asking around for the price of such cameras. With so many wonderful functions and with my criteria for low light photography, I will need a fast lens. For enclosed space photography, there will be need for a good wide angle lens.... preferably the range of 24mm to 28mm. Prices depending on the retail shop you frequent, it should be ranging from SGD$600 to SGD$750.

Features of Canon Powershot S90 Digital Camera

Just released in October/2 2009, I am looking at the Canon Powershot S90. It has the following capabilities built in.

  • Dual Anti-Noise System - to produce stunning images even in low light
  • High Sensitivity CCD Sensor - capture beautiful pictures with increased details
  • f/2 Aperture - to produce breathtaking low-light shots
  • Advanced Smart Auto - allows you to select 22 ideal settings
  • Control Ring - situated at the lens area, to allow your creativity for the best shots
  • Wide Angle Lens - 28mm - ideal for restricted and tight space photography


Canon PowerShot S90 Digital Camera - Video Review

People Talk About Powershot S90

The Pros and Cons of Canon Powershot S90 are bound to have. Here are some of the top ones.

The Pros include good low-light performance, bright LCD, excellent image quality, Lightweight/Portable, easy to use, Nice features/settings, Simple controls/menu, good battery lifeCanonS90 - which I think are important to a photography hobbyist like me.

The Cons include apeture lens ring works backwards, buttons are small and hard to read in dim light, complicated controls/menu custom menu, holds five items maximum, difficult to use - which I think can be easily overcome through learning and getting used to it after regular usage.



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  • photolenses profile image

    photolenses 7 years ago

    Really good details on camera Ienses! undoubtedly enjoyed your Hub! I hope to have a look at a lot more before long?

  • profile image

    Wide angle conversion lens 7 years ago

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  • jollytan profile image

    jollytan 8 years ago from Singapore

    Adrian... Good options to look into. Thanks for sharing.

  • adrian.l.tiu profile image

    adrian.l.tiu 8 years ago from Bangkok, Thailand

    You may want to consider the max ISO sensitivity so that you can shoot with faster shutter at low light

    Powershot G11 and Panasonic LX3 seems to be good as well, you can mount an external flash on top.

    buy 1 now and don't forget to share some photos in Facebook :)

  • hcshi profile image

    hcshi 8 years ago from Singapore

    I will like to have one for this Christmas!

    Seems like the S90 is getting lots of attention on the blogosphere: