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Fat Cow Web Hosting - Excellence in more ways than one

Updated on October 13, 2010

Fat Cow is a Lean Green Machine

I recently got into the Internet Marketing game, and realized that it's not crucial, but a very good idea to get some of my own web sites up and running. After realizing this, I noticed the vast amounts of web hosting services available. They were all offering me "unlimited" this and "free" that. I was so confused (and amazed) by the number of big name hosts out there. I guess it's something you never really notice until you need one :)

I am writing to you guys about Fat Cow, and giving my two pennies on how happy I am with them on several levels.

Let it be known that this was no accident. I had tried 3 web hosting services before Fat Cow, so I knew exactly what I was hoping for in the host I ended up with.

It's not my style to bash other companies, and there will be no exception here. A lot of other hosting services are great, and they're still in business for a reason. However, Fat Cow far and away impressed me the most. Find out why.

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It's all about customer support

Imagine yourself just like me. You're a web designing noob-boob. You have had this new web hosting service for 3 weeks now, and still nothing published! You have no idea what file directories are and how they work. You need help now, and you're ready to just bag the entire thing because it's just way too confusing, right?!?

Well, no. A huge reason I have stayed with Fat Cow is their customer support team. Not only do they solve every problem I have, but the average wait time I've experienced while waiting for someone is about 30 seconds. That's huge!! Other hosting companies support teams have taken 15, 25, and even 45+ minutes to get a hold of! That's incredibly tiresome. Especially when you're wasting your valuable time on the phone listening to a robot.

I have needed Fat Cow support on 3 separate occasions. I have spoken to Mitch, Kevin and Jennifer. All 3 of them knew their stuff. They didn't need to put me on hold for 5 minutes while they ask someone else my question. Solid staff. Zero wait time, and incredibly low pricing. Not to mention that their offices data centers are all 100% powered by wind energy. This company is a winner.


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