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Features of SOUL's SL300WB Hi-Definition Noise Canceling Headphones

Updated on December 29, 2014


Soul’s SL300WB noise canceling headphones are simply amazing. They are specially designed for high definition sound with noise canceling abilities. It is very suited to listening music or watching movies with Desktop, Laptop, iPhones, iPads or iPods etc.

Sound quality of Soul’s SL300WB headphones great and includes many features which enhances the headphone. Using specially designed full cover ear cap with articulation provide comfortable listening and removes unwanted sounds from outside. SL300WB noise canceling headphones have light weight and very low profile. It is very easy to transport by use of protective road case.

Features of SL300WB Noise Canceling Headphones

  • World class active noise canceling technology reduces noises unwanted sounds and noises
  • Full ear cup with articulation provide comfortable music listening
  • Advanced driver and circuitry design generates high definition sound with superb bass
  • Compatible with iPhones, iPdas, iPods, Smartphone’s and multimedia devices with 3.5mm headphone input jack
  • Illuminated ear cup badge
  • Protective case for safe transporting
  • Sleek folding design
  • Gold plated connetctor for effective signal transfer
  • Light weight headphones
  • Neodymum magnet and dynamic driver is used
  • Battery – 2AAA
  • Low cost headphone

Depth Review - SL300WB Hi-Defintion Headphones

  • Over Ear Design

SL300WB hd noise cancelling headphones have very simple and compact design. It have superior over ear cup design including Full ear cup articulation provides best fit and comfortable feeling to our ears. It also have sleek folding design helps to easy storing of SL300WB. Advanced breathable headband pad and ear cups improve the design quality and comfort. It is available in various colors.

Advanced driver and circuitry design is an cool feature of SL300 WB HD headphones. It gives good bass and high quality sound. It also clear mids and highs and there by creates high precision audio balance. Dynamic driver and neodymium magnet is used.

  • HI-Definition Noise Cancelling Technology

SL300WB uses world class active noise cancelling technology which eliminates unwanted sounds, external and internal noises. It allows to listen music with high quality in any places. Music will be unaffected from external sounds and noises with superior noise cancelling technology. It automatically balances the music elements and reduces noises.

  • Other features

SL300 WB is also battery powered headphone which uses 2AAA batteries. It is compatible with i Phones, i Pads, iPods, Smartphone’s and multimedia devices which have 3.5mm headphone input jack. Input connector is gold plated. We know that gold have high conductivity and effective signal transmission is possible with gold plating. This also increases the quality of sound.

Pros & Cons


  • Low cost headphone
  • Good performance and advanced noise cancelling technology
  • Protective case for transport and storage
  • compact design


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Devices with 3.5 mm headphone input jack supports SL300WB headphones


Overall, soul’s SL300WB HD noise cancelling headphones is best one for generating high quality sound. It is very suitable for i Phones and iPods. Also give portable in nature and provide high precision music experience anywhere in any time. So, we can conclude that it is one of the best headphone for who loves noiseless and high quality music experience. To get more hands-on reviews of electronics products, Visit my site:

SOUL's SL300WB Hi-Defintion Noise Canceling Headphones Video Review


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