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Features of the New Apple Ipad Tablet

Updated on April 14, 2010

The new Apple iPad brings the world in your hand

Imagine the world in your hands, where with a powerful touch you can travel across the globe, visit distant lands, chat with friends and visit virtual spaces. This magical power has come available to all humans thanks to their sense of touch, with the release of the new amazing Apple iPad on April 3rd.  While quite innovative and revolutionary, the iPad however provides a comfy sense of familiarity to those who have been accustomed to using the iPhone or iPod Touch. Indeed, it still shares a similar interface and touch screen even though this had to be somewhat modified to suit a considerably larger and more impressive screen. Following are some of the most amazing features of this new revolutionary device.

Apple iPad, buy it now!

Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)
Apple iPad (first generation) MB292LL/A Tablet (16GB, Wifi)

A magically and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price.


What Makes This Product so Impressive


The Apple iPad holds a very powerful Apple-designed chip yet, the iPad is amazingly thin and light that it can be taken anywhere without having to worry about bringing along a bulky, and most of all heavy device. The screen measures 9.7 inches diagonally making it just slightly smaller than your average magazine. Weight wise, the iPad weighs only the beauty of 1.5 pounds making it extremely easy to hold and bring along. Rumor abounds indeed, that the iPad is going to replace today's laptops, offering a lighter and less bulkier generation of computer devices. For no unexpected reason, the iPad has been just recently nicknamed ''the laptop killer''.

Ease of Use

Pages and links can be visited with ease thanks to the power of your touch, which brings navigation to a whole new level. Select a page with a light tap of your finger, double tap to enlarge or shrink a page, flick lightly to browse through your photos or even pinch in order to zoom in or to zoom out from a page. With Apple iPad, the world is really a touch away!

Long Lasting

Do you feel frustrated when your battery starts to drain and you must hurry up in order to continue whatever you were doing? This may be a memory of the past since the iPad features the same long lasting lithium-polymer battery seen on MacBooks. Indeed expect to surf up to 10 hours without worries.


In a world slowly awakening from one of the most critical economic crisis, price is a big factor that may have a major impact on potential buyers. The price tag however of this revolutionary and extraordinary product has been already set at a quite ordinary price, just starting at $499.

With Apple iPad, the world is really in your hands. Simply view your favorite websites in landscape or portrait layouts, watch movies in vibrant, incredibly crisp colors, read an e-book with ease thanks to the Ipad's iBooks featuring sharp text, or view your pictures featuring excellent colors and contrasts as never seen before. The choice is ultimately yours as a new world of applications unveils and a new generation of navigational devices is born.

When is iPad 3G coming out?

Recent rumors suggest that the much anticipated release date for the iPad 3G is estimated on April 24th, 2010.

Apple iPad Accessories

Belkin F8N365tt Screen Overlay for Apple iPad
Belkin F8N365tt Screen Overlay for Apple iPad

Belkin ClearScreen Overlays provide a clear protective shield for your iPad screen, preventing scratches and minor cosmetic damage from everyday use.


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