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Features that ios must steal from android :D

Updated on June 29, 2016

ios and Android have always been and will always be the two main rivalries in the war of operating platforms of modern mobiles.It is a known fact that ios and android are owned by two tech giants Apple and Google. It is also an undisputed fact that most of the mobile users opt to choose between these two platforms. They both have their own set of reasons which leaves the users to their own choice to choose one between them.

However, lets assume an interesting scenario where ios stealing some of the cool features from android.

1.)First, it must enable its users to download media from its very own designed safari browser : We all know that ios does not allow the download of media files like songs, videos etc. But it will be really cool if ios develops this feature which definitely become one of the reasons for apple users to get delighted.

2.)Manual installation of .ipa files :Secondly, it must allow the users to download the .ipa files to install them like that of android which enables users to download the apk files :p

3.)Cross platform bluetooth sharing : It is a known fact that the transfer of files does not happen between two platforms of ios and android due to some security restrictions set by apple. However, the idea of bluetooth sharing between two cross platforms is a very helpful one to the users.

4.)Adding multiple user accounts : Like google adding multiple users and switch between the accounts, even apple must allow to toggle between the accounts instantly.

5.)Usage of apps without installing them :Lastly like google making users to use their desired apps without need of installing them, ios must also look forward to implement that feature in its operating system.

Hope you to feel the same regarding my stealing theory between ios and android. :)


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