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Feedburner: RSS Feed Your Website

Updated on September 28, 2010

RSS Feed Icon

The standard RSS feed icon.
The standard RSS feed icon.

Feedburner RSS Feeds

Feedburner Rss feeds are the way of keeping track of all the sites you subscribe to, by either email or feeds in your feed file on your computer, blogs are the main source of rss feeds as they should be updated almost everyday, if the blog owner likes to write everyday, but even actual websites can have rss feeds, so always look for the orange link on your browser toolbar.

Feedburner is perhaps one of the best tools for your feeds on the internet, and there are also a range of promotional methods and ways of building and attracting people to your rss feeds to subscribe, although the best method is your sites content, but Feedburner can't write your content for you, but it certainly provides useful tools to analyze your feeds.

Subscriber stats are useful to know how many each day people subscribe to your sites feed, also the reach link is to see what pages and links are getting clicked from your feeds.

You can also show your sites feedcount with a little customizable badge to place on your blog or website, this is useful to know and keep a check of your subscriber count as it will fluctuate.

Rss feeds make it simple to subscribe to someones site and find out lots of updated information when it becomes available, so save all of your RSS feeds in your feed reader, I always keep subscribed to the ones that frequently update regularly and ones that are interesting to read and provide either fun and entertaining reads or serious thought provoking reads.

Although there are loads of top blogs and sites out there that trying to keep up with them all is hard to do, so just choose a good handful and keep up to date with these.

So in all I do recommend the feedburner site, as you can add as many of your feeds as possible and keep track of all their statistics easily.

Good luck burning your feeds!


Feed Burner RSS Feeds

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    • Daniel McGonagle profile image

      Daniel McGonagle 7 years ago

      I used to think feedburner was the way to go, too but then I realized that feedage indexes your feed and feedburner does not. I am now in the process of changing all my sites over to feedage handling my feeds