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Way2sms, the story of the magic portal

Updated on August 23, 2012

Way2sms – The story of a web portal development

Waay2sms, the popular web-based free sms service narrates the story of a free service offered by a web portal. offers free sms services to users fromIndia. The innovative business model applied by Raju Vanapala, founder and CEO, do set an example for each and every one of us. The web portal gives a free sms service, and gather the returns in the form of millions of page views. The company is amassing millions of members who are highly benefited of the service. started with low investments and achieved great returns in the form of page views. Millions of page views can bring huge advertising revenue for the company. marched on to success.

Way2sms the magic web portal that sends your text messages for free

It was absolutely risky to apply this particular business model as the company was paying for the sms while providing it free for the users. is the first company to try free sms services in web. However, the attempt brought a great success to Thousands of users registered with them daily, making a big increase in their page views. The company gathered huge revenue, several thousand times of the cost they endure for the messaging service. Way2sms is the story of bold risk-taking, brilliantly foreseeing the results of the future.

Way2sms has come a long way gathering 20 million Indian subscribers. The portal that offers free service to its users has achieved revenue of 12 crores. Way2sms helps its user chat, get email alerts and social media alerts. Here are some interesting facts about

  • Way2sms is the very first Indian web portal to bring forth free SMS services to Indian users.
  • Way2sms wonderfully balances their costs with their revenue and does the great job of providing free sms service to users.
  • It would be amazing to note that Way2sms has grown in a Silicon Valley style. They relied on nothing but viral marketing and word of mouth advertising (through direct and online method)
  • Way2sms has almost 20 million registered profiles with them.
  • Way2sms is one of the fastest growing portals. Within few months of their launch they began getting more than 2000 users registered for them daily.
  • Way2sms has around 5 million users visiting their website every month
  • Way2sms makes a mammoth 400 million page view every month
  • Way2sms is one of the top portals in India that generate large number of page views.
  • Way2sms is able to reach about 55 million mobile phones every month.
  • Way2sms can boast of managing 365 million contacts in their database.
  • Way2sms is adding around 23,000 new users everyday (almost 7,000,00 new users every month)
  • Way2sms sent more than five crore free sms messages on Friendship day


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    • profile image

      freezbay 6 years ago

      Cool post. I dint know that way2sms had such a history. But, I know about Digg and Facebook. Digg's owner left everything behind, even his girlfriend to start Digg and look at him now - he's really rich. Facebook owner, Mark too had such troubles! Hey, I am following you. P.S I am from Trivandrum!