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How to convert your documents, videos, musics, pdf ....?

Updated on September 6, 2015



Online Converter File

FileZigZag is an online free file conversion tool that supports multiple types of file conversion like Documents, Images, Audio, Video and Archiving into a variety of different formats. The website will also provide in the near future free cloud storage and file sharing services that enables users to securely share and access files online without downloading any software.

Why Filezigzag?

1- Easy – 4 easy steps to upload and convert files

2- Speed – convert files online and receive the results directly on your email

3- Compatibility – Does not require any software download, only use your internet browser

4- Format – We support over 1000 file format type

5- Support – Our developers are continually adding new popular file formats, any client request for a new format type will be studied and added to the website

Using FileZigZag online tool, you can:

- Convert Doc to PDF, PDF to Doc

- Create animated GIF converted from video files

- Convert images, raster and vector

- Convert Camera Video Recorder H.264

- Convert media to any video or audio format like mov to mp4

- Export Audio from video format like mp4 to mp3

- Convert ZIP or RAR file formats

- Convert Doc to HTML

The most popular conversions

DOC to PDF | Word to PDF | MP4 to AVI | MP4 to MP3 | WAV to MP3 | WMA to MP3 | FLV to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | FLV to AVI | DOCX to PDF MOV to AVI | PNG to JPG | AIFF to MP3 | JPG to PNG | MOV to FLV SWF to WAV | ZIP to TAR | RAR to ZIP | PDF to Word | rar to zip | 264 to AVI | 264 to MP4

New added

  • 3gp to gif
  • 3gp to jpeg
  • 3gp to png
  • asf to gif
  • asf to jpeg
  • asf to png
  • avi to gif
  • avi to jpeg
  • avi to png
  • flv to gif
  • flv to jpeg
  • flv to png
  • mov to gif
  • mov to jpeg
  • mov to png
  • mp4 to gif
  • mp4 to jpeg
  • mp4 to png
  • mpeg to gif
  • mpeg to jpeg
  • mpeg to png
  • mpg to gif
  • mpg to jpeg
  • mpg to png
  • rm to gif
  • rm to jpeg
  • rm to png
  • swf to gif
  • swf to jpeg
  • swf to png
  • wmv to gif
  • wmv to jpeg
  • wmv to png
  • 264 to gif
  • 264 to jpeg
  • 264 to png


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