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Find anything on the Internet: Four useful search engine tips

Updated on June 27, 2011

You can search anything on the Internet related to latest news, latest technologies, newest products, newest website, recent articles etc. All you have to do, open any search engine like Google, Yahoo, Cuil and then put your desired search words and then hit the Enter key. And that's all. But do you sure that you search is optimistic? I mean, are you sure that you are searching in the right direction? I know that people don't try to keep mind better search. But if you keep mind about better search then you can easily get your right searched things and you can save lots of time and at last you will be happy. In this page, I will explain some tips for better searching. Wish you enjoy and will do better search.

Search with correct spelling not wrong words

It's very simple and straight forward. You must use correct word to search. Before hitting Enter key or the Search button of search engine, be sure that the word spelling is correct. Avoid try to search wrong spelled words.

Use quotation marks and/or the plus/minus signs
You can use quotation marks to search exact thing which you have typed. For example, if you write "randidTaste" and then search, you will get only information searched pages only which contains "rancidTaste". But otherwise you get some other pages also. Moreover, you can use plus sign to add extra words to the searched result. For example, if you search like rancidTaste + windows generic host problem, you will get the page which contains all of the words. So to include several words, you can add plus sign. Similarly, you can use minus sign to exclude some words form the searched result.

Search like an advertiser

When you use search engine to search anything, behave like an expert advertiser. It really helps to search the correct thing easily without any wastage of time. For example, you have a  restaurant. You need some cooks. You visit some search engine and then search. At the time of searching you may search through cook for us or cook for us + get paid or cook for restaurant etc. Definitely, this search has much good and conscious result the all others. So, think yourself as an advertiser and then search like an advertiser. This really pays you.

Use different search engine for searching

The technology advances and several search engine search several ways (by using algorithm, keywords, organic result, statistical knowledge etc). So, you have to search other sites too. I stil remember that one day I search one book but the information was missing in Google within the first 6 pages. But when I search through cuil, I found that book on the first page. So, I think you understand my point. So, never believe one search engine. Google, Yahoo, Cuil, Ask, Bing (by Microsoft) etc. are good search engine. So, always try to search at least thorough two search engine.

I think you are clear about the optimum search techniques. By following the above steps you can easily find anything very short time. It definitely saves your time and work.

© Written by rancidTaste


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    • ocbill profile image

      ocbill 8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      interesting. I sometimes give Yahoo and Bing a chance to have better results than Google. but sicne Google is the 1st choice on browser list i tend to go with them.