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Finding The Best Computer Products Directories

Updated on March 21, 2011

Locating the Best Computer Products Directories is a very difficult task, as it seems that most of the sites which advertise themselves as full computer product listing sites are just hollow shells. For example only lists links to vendors which is pretty pointless since if you're looking for a particular brand name, you can go to the vendor's main index page by using google alone. Why even deal with ITStartPage in the first place?,, and are in the same boat. All nothing but a bunch of links to the manufacturers' websites. A complete waste of bandwidth. Why do these sites even exist when they can be shortcircuited by any decent general purpose search engine?

There are other sites, but they all seem to have significant shortcomings. In all my searching I seem to have located only one worthwhile site, and I'm listing that directory at the very end of this Hub.

Computer User: IT Security Only has a decent directory but it seems only to be limited to IT security issues. There seems to be no way to find equivalent directory listings for general purpose computer hardware and software, even if you use their drop down menu. It always comes back to IT Security. Place this one under incoherent webmastering.

Hardware Central: Thinly Disguised Pricing Site's Hardware seems so promising but then as soon as you delve into the listings you find that it's nothing more than a thinly disguised price comparison site, like or

Comp Info Center: Only Links To Articles More Than 10 Years Old

When you first land on you think you have found the holy grail as you are confronted with an index page with literally hundreds of very neatly nested listings which cover every aspect of computer products. However, the vast majority of these links are fairly pointless if your goal is to locate product information. The CPU list for example, only contains two links: One to a prehistoric general purpose article on CPUs by Tom's Hardware Guide founder Thomas Pabst, and the other to a hopelessly outdated site by the Berkeley Wireless Research Center that seems to have been no longer updated since the year 2001!

Best Computer Products: Amazing Database With Close To A Million Product Write-Ups!

In all my searching I've only been able to locate a single directory that really covers every imaginable computer product with full details on each and every listing for a total of nearly one million pages, and that's Best Computer Products This site is the real thing since it provides comprehensive manufacturer's A-Z listings on its front page and as you drill down through five levels (there's a mind-boggling lot of products here) you can reach a full page listing of any computer product imaginable with a complete independent write-up on each. These aren't just spec listings or copy and paste jobs from manufacturer websites but fully written narrative articles. You can even Google search from the main index page (scroll to the bottom and there it is). I don't know how they were able to accumulate so much detail on so many hundreds of thousands of computer products, but however it's been done, this seems to be the one directory on the web that really lives up to the hype. Whatever product you have in mind, from a Wacom Intuos4 Classic Pen Tablet all the way to an IBM Express 1&2 Socket System X3650 M2 X5570 4C 2.93G 8MB 2P 24GB SATA, you'll find a full article on it on Best Computer Products.


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