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Finding a Replacement Laptop

Updated on May 29, 2011

Finding a Replacement Laptop

When you have an unexpected situation that requires the replacement of your laptop, a lot of questions and questions will hover on your head: how can a find a suitable replacement for my laptop? What kind of laptop can I found out there? How to recover the data that is stored in my failed laptop? When can I recover the data from my old laptop? How long it will take to get my applications working on a replacement laptop?

To avoid panic when something wrong happens, you should spend at least some time answering this type of questions before some accident happens with your laptop. You should have a plan for disaster recovering concerning each part of your laptop. Remember that it is important that, whatever happens to your computer, you can find a suitable replacement laptop in order to continue your normal activities.

Where to Find a Replacement Laptop?

If you have a failed laptop and need to get a temporary computer or notebook to continue to work, there are several options you can look on. The first option is normally calling your vendor and explaining the situation.

Most laptop vendors these days have programs in which you can get a replacement laptop if a hardware failure occurred. You may be completely covered by your initial purchase, or you may have to buy additional coverage or paying a fee to the company.

The only problem with these programs, however, is that it can take a while for you to receive the replacement laptop. If the company has a representative in your region, then you can probably have the replacement in the same day (even if you need to drive personally). Otherwise, you will probably receive the replacement laptop by Fedex or UPS, which can take up to one day.

You should probably look the service options for each company before buying a laptop. This way, you will have some assurance of what can happen in case you laptop stops working.

Laptop Rental Companies

Another option you might look at, is to find a place to rent laptops. These places are getting more common every day, and you can find almost any kind of laptop on the market. For corporate uses, Dell Laptops, followed by IBM laptops, are still the most requested by replacement companies.

However, many companies will provide you with a vast array of options, both in terms of laptop brand (not only Dell or IBM, but also Acer, Toshiba, etc.) and in terms of processor, memory, and connectivity.

A good starting point is to look the Internet for companies renting laptop (Google is your friend here) in your region. Keep a list of them in each area that you work or is planning to visit, so if anything happens to your computer you don’t need to go to Google to find the list.


Disaster happens from time to time, but you need to be prepared. Your computer is your main work tool, so you need to find possible replacements for your laptop whenever necessary. In this area, you need to be proactive and find the information you might need in case of a laptop failure.


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