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Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Headphones in Pink and Blue

Updated on September 28, 2011

Kids love to play with toys that resemble and really work like the more expensive versions used by their parents. If their toys are lifelike, they are more likely to play with them. Even if parents are generous and allow the kids to use an expensive gadget, they would probably be punished if they destroyed it.

Fisher-Price toys are “Kid Tough” and can withstand the rough and tumble ways that kids play. Dropping the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Headphones will not cause damage and they will work just as well the next time they are used. Designed for kids from 3 years to 8 years old, these headphones adjust to fit. They are cushioned around the ears and their hearing health is protected by the built-in volume limiting control. If the child is using the kid tough headphones in a very noisy environment the volume may not be adequate.



Although the Fisher-Price Kid Tough Headphones are considered a toy they can be used just like the real thing. They can plug into any standard audio jack whether it is on a DVD player, a CD player or a MP3 player. Fisher Price also makes Kid Tough DVD and Music players that would be a great match.

Fisher Price Makes Kid Tough Musical Toys

The Fisher-Price Kid Tough Headphones come in blue for the boys and in pink for the girls. The pink headphones are a combination of soft pink, hot pink and silver. The blue headphones are a combination of a medium blue, a dark blue and silver. There should be no argument about which pair belongs to which kid. They are priced right as well. At just under $15 (unless supplies are limited) it will not break the bank to let each kid have their own.

 As kids play with the Fisher-Price Kid Tough headphones they have the opportunity to learn how to properly use a set of headphones. They will learn how to put them on and to take them off. They will become accustomed to wearing headphones on their ears. They will come to enjoy the independence that comes with listening to what they want without others telling them to stop.


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