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Fixig an HP dv9000 (dv9005ca) Laptop with Broken Hinge, No Video and Sound (In Surrey)

Updated on November 18, 2012
After reflow and clean up of fan.
After reflow and clean up of fan.
Broken hinge before fixing.
Broken hinge before fixing.
Hinge replaced and an extra screw to be added.
Hinge replaced and an extra screw to be added.
Added a piece of plastic holding the screw which secure the bazel.
Added a piece of plastic holding the screw which secure the bazel.
Bad power cable causing no sound to the speaker.
Bad power cable causing no sound to the speaker.
Drivers and laptop specification.
Drivers and laptop specification.
After all fixing.
After all fixing.

I have this dv9005ca on 26Aug2012. Physically, the right hinge was broken. When it was powered on, it had lights on the power panel but no video and no sound. The owner wanted to keep the hard drive. I helped him to put the hard drive to an enclosure for use as USB external hard drive.

While taking the dv9005ca apart, there were missing screws. The black power cable had been replaced to a white one. It was attempted for fixing before. After getting the motherboard out, I inspected the GPU which was not attempted. I did a reflow on 13Oct2012 and ordered the hinges for it.

When the hinges arrived, I found that the length of the hinge is shorter. I needed to take the hinge apart and replace the long thin metal to the LCD screeen that was broken. I used glue gun to hold the plastic in position and added an extra screw through the bezel to the hinge. For the LCD bezel, I added a piece of plastic to hold the screw. DW-40 was added to the hinge for lubrication. When reassmbling the laptop, I added back the missing screws.

From another dv9000, I restored the HP recovery partition to a 120G hard drive and installed to this dv9005ca to restore the Windows Vista Operating System for testing. In Device Manager, the WebCam was missing. I went to HP website and downloaded the webcam driver for Vista. However, the installation was not successful. I downloaded the webcam driver for XP which works.

When I powered on the laptop, it did not have sound. I found that the power cable to the motherboard was not secure. I inserted a thin plastic on top of the white cable to secure the contact and the sound is working.

I tested the wireless. It was connected to router but not to the internet. I needed to run the Repair to connect it to internet. After running the Windows Update, the connection is automatic. I ran YouTube to test the video and audio. Both are working porperly. Only the battery is totally dead.

After a month of observation on the GPU reflow which is stable, this dv9005 was picked up by a man on 18Nov who came from Surrey with a dv9700 which he bought but video was gone in 2 months. He swapped out the 1 GB RAM and 120G hard drive in the dv9005ca with his dv9700.


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    • profile image

      jessesToons 5 years ago

      I don't much about computer hardware Houston TX Houston TX. There are so many things I still need to learn that I feel are way over my head. I just have the worst luck with computers. This was a helpful article. I need to find a lot more like this.


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