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Fixing a Toshiba A70 with Sudden Shut Down (In Vancouver)

Updated on October 2, 2013
Hardened thermal compound
Hardened thermal compound
Cleaned up the fans
Cleaned up the fans
Cleaned up the heat sink
Cleaned up the heat sink
Re-applied high quality thermal compound
Re-applied high quality thermal compound
Re-installed OS
Re-installed OS
Body in good shap
Body in good shap
Keyboard is good
Keyboard is good
System specification
System specification
Temperature after an hour of playing YouTube video
Temperature after an hour of playing YouTube video

I traded in this Toshiba A70 laptop on 16May2013. The owner told me that it was just missing the power adapter.

When I returned home, I used a universal power adapter to run the laptop. It started up but shut down suddenly in a few minutes. It had overheat problem.

Besides buying a power adapter, I needed to disassemble the laptop and cleaned up the laptop fans which must be clogged up with dust.

To clear the hard drive, I ran the Toshiba A70 recovery disk which is Windows XP SP1. When I checked the device, there was a Ethernet device missing drver. Wireless was not working. I connected it to internet by cable and continued to upgrade the OS to SP3 and installed IE 8 so that I could browse for drivers.

I went to Toshiba websites. Only UK website has archived drivers. However, it did not work. I removed the cover on wireless card and found the model no. which is Atheros AR5212A 00. Based on the model no., I located a driver 77wc39ww.exe from Lenovo site which uses the same wireless card for Thinkpad G40, R40, R50, T40, X31 and X41. I downloaded this driver and from Device Manager, I installed it to this laptop. It installed successfully and the Wireless Network Connection icon appeared on the Windows task bar. I entered my network key and connected to Internet successfully. I ran YouTube and tested the display and sound. Both are working properly.

For safety reason, I bought a genuine Toshiba power adapter according to specification. I aso tested the battery. When it was fully charged, it ran for an hour before the laptop shut down.

To ensure overhead is fixed, I downloaded a hardware monitor. After running an hour of YouTube video, the temperature rose from 30°C to 37°C. It does not shut down suddenly anymore. It is ready to serve again.

On 2Oct2013, it was picked by a young lady in Vancouver.


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