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Fixing an HP G62 with Lots of Bad Parts Inside (In valley)

Updated on October 25, 2015
Broken jack shown in the ad.
Broken jack shown in the ad.
Laptop screen (top) had a burnt chip. New screen (bottom)
Laptop screen (top) had a burnt chip. New screen (bottom)
Added back hard drive
Added back hard drive
After rebuilt with multiple parts.
After rebuilt with multiple parts.
Keyboard after cleaning
Keyboard after cleaning
System configuration
System configuration

This HP G62 was listed as below:

An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational, items that require service or repair

- HP G62-220ca
- Display 15.6" LED
- CPU-2.1GHz Athlon II Dual-Core
- 2GB DDR3
- ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 Graphics
- No HDD
- No power adapter

Power jack is broken see picture

I contacted the seller who called himself Peter and provided the story further:

I do not know what is condition the laptop. This is my daughter’s laptop. She dropped it 10 days ago with a broken power jack I just pull out a hard drive.

This should be a simple problem for fixing. On 20Dec2013, we agreed to meet at the 33rd Ave and Oak Street that he would stop by before going to downtown. I waited half an hour, texted and called him. He did not show up but called back when I returned home to take my family to lunch with friends.

On 23Dec2013, we agreed to meet in a fast food restaurant early in the morning. He showed up but outside the restaurant. I asked if I could put in a battery to check the condition of the G62. Peter did not like this and said that if the G62 started up, it would not be $50. To respect him, I did not check.

As home, I disassembled the G62. Besides the broken power jack, I found the following were bad or broken:

1. Motherboard had video failure.

2. CMOS battery holder was broken and CMOS battery missing.

3. The screen displayed white. I disassembled it and found a burnt chip.

4. The battery was dead.

A drop should not damage so many parts. I contacted Peter. He replied that "This laptop was my daughter’s laptop also a laptop was as is for parts. I cannot sure , may be you exchanged parts and then try to return. I am no computer expert to know what has is inside. For me this a box with a screen."

I googled the phone number ***-2**-8452 with E***** Georgiev on my phone history. I found ""Appliance Repairs - Electronics Electrical Mechanical ...". I understood and hoped that he had good use of the money from this dead laptop and the parts sold out individually.

To rebuild this G62, I found and bought the following parts:

1. G62-219WM motherboard

2. Power jack

3. New laptop screen

4. Genuine charger

5. 2GB RAM

6. 500GB HGST 7200 RPM HDD

7. a new battery

I completed the rebuild on 11Jan2014 and installed Windows 7 Home Premium according to the COA label at the bottom of the G62. I ran the Windows Update multiple times until no more updates.

The G62 is working good again. For the missing rubber feet, I cut them out from a rubber ball in a mouse which I saved before giving it to recycle.

On 5Feb2014, a gentleman who has a farm in the valley took it up. He is the nicest person that I have met so far. He took an Acer laptop from me a week earlier, found the ports on the right hand side were not working but still very kind to exchange the Acer with this G62 laptop. I am sure that this laptop has a good owner, opposite to the previous one. To appreciate his kindness and accommodation, I offered discount but he refused. I could only buy him coffee.


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