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Fixing an HP dv2000 with No Video (In Georgia)

Updated on September 3, 2011
Running the Nvidia performance test
Running the Nvidia performance test
Removed the dust inside the fan
Removed the dust inside the fan
Added copper sheet to bring heat away from video chip reaching the fan on both sides.
Added copper sheet to bring heat away from video chip reaching the fan on both sides.
Hard drive is 80G
Hard drive is 80G
CPU is 1.7 GHz
CPU is 1.7 GHz
Shiny touch pad
Shiny touch pad
Sleek design
Sleek design

This HP dv2404ca laptop came from a big house in Surrey near to White Rock.

When I arrived to the owner's driveway and tried to call him from my cell phone, he waved me in from his window. He led me to his study room which has laptop, printer, desktop and big LCD inside. He showed me this laptop which had no video. He thought that the LCD had problem but did not know how to open it up after removing the rubber pads and screws. He removed the original hard drive for his personal data but put in a spare 80G hard drive with Vista Home Basic for me in case I could fix it to make it working again for another person.

It is very similar to dv6000 but more compact in size and therefore more portable. I opened up the laptop. Again, the fan was clogged with dust and hair. I cleaned up the fan and found the Nvidia video chip under the heatsink cover. I re-flowed the video chip same as my last time on dv6000. It worked for this laptop as well. However, the design of the heatsink does not have the copper strip connected to the video chip. I located a video in YouTube showing how to add copper sheet to bring the heat to the fan which makes sense. I did it and have longer copper sheet reaching to both sides of the fan.

After re-assembling the laptop, I ran the Nvidia performance test to stress test the laptop for an hour. It works perfect again, passing all the tests. The temperature for CPU and GPU are both stable and I recorded the test in the attached video below.

The Microsoft Certificate of Authenticity (COA) at the bottom cover of the laptop has the product key for Windows Vista Home Premium. Therefore, I re-installed Windows Vista Home Premium from a genuine CD which came along with my daughter`s Dell desktop. I used the product key of this laptop and completed the Windows activation successfully.

I installed all the HP drivers from HP website for this laptop, added a new battery to the Remote Control and tested the webcam, card reader, USB, sound, DVD/CD that all are working properly.

It is ready for use and has a new home in Georgia, U.S.A.


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