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Fixing an IBM T42 with No Display but on External Monitor (In Surrey)

Updated on April 14, 2012
Dust inside before the cleaning.
Dust inside before the cleaning.
Genuine XP SP2 Installation Disk
Genuine XP SP2 Installation Disk
Drivers, CPU, hard drive and battery details
Drivers, CPU, hard drive and battery details
Tested sound and video
Tested sound and video
Mint condition
Mint condition

This IBM T42 has original status described below:

Screen doesn't display images probably due to damaged HXCCFL, other parts working well
14.1" Lcd Screen
1GB of ddr ram
20GB hard drive
IBM mouse
Dvd, Cd-rw drive
Two Batterys, one lasts 4hrs, another one lasts 1 hr
Power cord
Windows XP setup CD

On the way going home after work, I met the owner at a fast food parking lot near to his house on 28Mar2012 and picked up this T42. The AC adapter plug has a converter that he would like to keep. Since he has usage, I let him take it back.

Over the long weekend, I took the T42 apart and cleaned the fan inside. For no video, I checked that external monitor is working. I re-seated the screen cable on the motherboard, a red screen came out and changed to normal in a second. I turned it off and on again. The screen is normal. After shutting off for a while, the red screen came out. The LCD backlight was dying.

From an IBM T40 which has motherboard video problem, I swapped the LCD screen assembly, the 40GB hard drive and AC adapter over to fix this T42.

I ran the genuine Windows XP setup CD. It installed the Windows XP without the proper drivers. I downloaded and installed the "Intel PRO 2200bg and 2915abg Mini PCI adapter wireless software for Windows 2000, XP" to get the internet connection for this T42.

With internet connection, I ran Windows Update to update the operating system first followed by installing the ThinkVantage System Update which needs the ".Net framework". I installed ".Net 4.0" but the version is not supported. I installed ".Net 3.0". After the "ThinkVantage System Update" was installed, I ran it and selected all drivers and software identified for download and installation. It included the the ATI video driver and BIOS upgrades. I checked the Device Manager again, only Multimedia Audio Controller and PCI Modem needed manual installation.

After testing this T42 on YouTube video, I made a full back-up using the "ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery". Next time, the system can be restored quickly from the back-up that can be invoked from the "Access IBM" blue key.

It was picked up on 14 April 2012 by a man who came with his family from Surrey. He has a T42 and needs another one.


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