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Flash Player - Error In Loading DLL - White Box - Youtube Movie not loaded...

Updated on April 3, 2011

You Cannot View YouTube Videos or Other Flash Content

Do YouTube videos and other Flash Player content show up as only a white box in Internet Explorer (or any other browser)?

The full symptoms of this problem may be:

  • Adobe Flash Player content shows up as a white box only.
  • Right-Clicking on the white box gives you a menu that says "Movie not loaded..." in grey text, and "About Adobe Flash Player 10..." in black text.
  • A triangular yellow icon with an exclamation point in it shows up in the bottom left hand corner of Internet Explorer ... and if you double-click on the icon, you see the error: "Error in loading DLL".

Fix Flash Player "Error in loading DLL" Error

I tried all the normal troubleshooting techniques, but none of them worked; these included:

  • Updating the Adobe Flash Player
  • Uninstalling the Adobe Flash Player with uninstall-flash-player.exe; then reinstalling
  • Removing superfluous toolbars
  • Updating Microsoft Windows
  • Resetting Internet Explorer to its default settings;
  • Removing other activeX plugins
  • Cleaning up the browser helper objects hook-ins with HijackThis.exe
  • Removing other superfluous software and start-ups
  • Etc.

While all of the above helped to make the computer start and run faster, and significantly speeded up the load time of Internet Explorer, I still had the problem with the Adobe Flash Player.

The Solution?

It turned out that the Vista User Account Control (UAC), which may also be an issue in Windows 7, was blocking the normal use of the Adobe Flash Player.

There are three workarounds to this:

[1] Right-Click on the Internet Explorer icon and choose "Run as administrator"; this will prevent the UAC from blocking the loading of the Adobe Flash Player DLL.

[2] Permanently set your Internet Explorer icon to "Run as administrator by following these steps:

  • Right-Click on the Internet Explorer icon and click on "Properties";
  • On the [Shortcut] tab, click on the [Advanced...] button;
  • Put a check mark in the box labelled "Run as administrator";
  • Click [OK] ... click [OK] once more to finish;
  • Now when you launch Internet Explorer from that icon, User Account Control will ask you to [Continue] or [Cancel] ...
  • Choose [Continue] to load your browser and enjoy your YouTube and other Flash content!

[3] You can also (at your own risk) turn off the UAC for all programs:

  • Click on Start;
  • Click on Control Panel;
  • Click on User Accounts and Family Safety;
  • Click on User Accounts;
  • Click on Turn User Account Control on or off;
  • Click Turn User Account Control On Or Off;
  • Uncheck the box beside "Use User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer";
    Click OK;
  • Click Restart Now;
  • When your computer has restarted, the Adobe Flash Player should be working!

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