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Buy A Flip Ultra Camera

Updated on March 14, 2011

Buy The Flip Ultra Camera - Read This Review

A flip camera has been something that I have wanted for awhile now and now I have one, they are one of the best camcorders I've ever had, small and portable, like a mini camcorder, about the size of a mobile phone, the camera takes to AA size batteries and is a very easy to use camera with 60 minutes of video time and one of the best features is it easily transfers to video uploading sites like YouTube fairly well and the video results are very clear(Clearer than a standard web-cam.)

The small view screen is useful to frame your subjects before filming, just like a regular digital camera and the integrated microphone makes your voice and any other sounds louder than I ever expected.

The flip camera comes with built in software to save and transfer your video files to your computer, but to add special introductory titles and title credits to your videos I would recommend Windows Movie Maker if you don't already have it on your windows compatible pc, this software you can edit the beginning of your videos and the end and add certain effects to your videos such as transitions and fade outs, making your videos look very professional is easy with Windows Movie Maker.

I'd also recommend you get a universal tripod or a special flip camera tripod, so that you can set up your camera at an angle you choose before filming, perfect for drawing tutorials or talking face to face with your camera about a subject or topic, maybe if you can, film your computer screen whilst going through a technical website procedure and talk through it, people love these informative types of videos as they are very useful.

The flip cameras point and shoot feature is another of it's redeeming features, just press the red button to record what you want and press it again to stop, also you can connect your flip camera to your TV, to view your videos if you wished.

The camera comes with a flimsy looking camera case, much like a sock puppet with no eyes!, However you may need to buy a better camera cover to protect it, as this one won't.

It's now three weeks since I bought my flip camera and I'm still finding it easy to use and quite addictive to use, as all you do is put the batteries in and film 3 to 4 minute short videos and then see about editing them and uploading them to video sharing sites, I've done this within a couple of hours and then you are ready to start again filming more videos.

Although I may consider the HD ultra flip camera in time, this one will most certainly do for now, because I'm having fun with it.

Flip Camera

Flip camera camcorder.
Flip camera camcorder. | Source

Flip Camera Uses And Suggestions

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