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Flip UltraHD Video Cam Review

Updated on September 12, 2011

The Flip UltraHD video camera is part of pure digitals Flip line of cameras. It ranks among the top selling UltraHD video cameras today. Since its introduction to the market, there have been several improvements and currently, the 8 GB Flip UltraHD cam is the latest addition.


This UltraHD video camera provides up to 2 hours continuous video recording time. This is about half an hour more than other HD video cameras in its category.

It comes with 8 GB internal memory for video storage. In one way, it eliminates the need to have additional external memory. However, this is also a disadvantage especially if you have a lot of shooting to do and don’t have a computer where you can free up memory space for further shooting.

The Flip UltraHD video cam is by far the easiest to use video camera in the market. It has a friendly user interface and shooting videos simply requires the pressing of the start button. Its simplicity is mainly because of its lack of still picture shooting capability. If you want to take still pictures, you can do so when editing your videos.

Flip UltraHD video cam comes with pre-installed Flipshare software. This allows you to edit, create and share your videos. As mentioned, you can also capture still photos from your videos using the Flipshare software. The software also enables you to share your videos through email or in social networks like Facebook and YouTube.

With regards to clarity of the videos captured, the Flip UltraHD comes with a 1280X720p screen for better resolutions. The videos are also captured at 60 frames per second making them clearer. An additional feature is the image stabilization feature for better video quality.

Cons of Flip UltraHD video cam

Lack of external memory capability and still photo shooting are the main disadvantages of this UltraHD camera.

Compared to the Kodak zi8 and JVC PICSIO

The Kodak zi8 has a better image resolution at 1920X1080p as well as still picture capture capability. However, when compared to the Flip UltraHD it falls short in terms of internal memory (only 128MB), records at 30fps and price where the Kodak zi8 is well over twice the price of the Flip UltraHD video cam.

The JVC PICSIO is also a 1080p HD camera. It doesn’t have internal memory and can therefore only be useful when you purchase up to 32 GB external memory.


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