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How To Get The Best Digital Magazine App for Android - Flipboard - The Best Magazine App for Android and iPhone

Updated on December 28, 2013

Digital Magazine App

So Much More Than A Magazine App...

There is nothing better than getting a new phone that does everything your heart desires with the speed of a high performance race card and the touch as light as a feather. The smart phones today have us spoiled to speed like never before. So do apps like Flipboard.

As I have updated my phone and evolved with each new discovery, I have realized that the possibilities are virtually endless. There are widgets and apps to download, wallpapers that move and up to date information available to our specification.

We do however, have to realize what makes our experiences on our smartphone work so effortlessly.

  • Internet access
  • WiFi
  • Data Plan
  • Memory Card

Internet Access - Internet is accessible through our phones with a data plan. The more gigabytes per month our company allows us the use the faster our internet speed. WiFi capability in our phones allow us to get online without using our alloted monthly data of our plan. Setting your phone to WiFi when you in a FREE Hotspot such as Starbucks or McDonald will allow us to surf the web at no cost and save our data usage when we really need it.

Memory Card - Most phones come with a memory card of only 8 gigabytes. However with the many apps we have available your minimum card should be 16 gigabytes. 32 and 64 gigabytes will have your using your phone carefree for a very long time.

Downloading pictures and saving them onto your device is a waste to your memory and can not easily be transferred to another device, but when using a memory card you can easily transfer your card into your updated phone with ease. Not to mention leaving room on your device memory to download the apps you really want.

I am proud of what I have learned over the years. At one time I was afraid to venture out and learn how the new technology worked. Gosh, I miss my old flip Blackberry. But I sure love my new android phone and looking forward to evolving some more.

Flipboard: App Gone Wild!!

Flipboard is a digital magazine app.I wanted to share with you a great app that makes my cell phone appeal to me like never before. Flipboard allows me to customize my Flipboard Widget with the type of information I desire. It gives me updated and current information and if I set up an account it allow me to share this information and connect with my Twitter and Facebook account.

The pages flip upward on cell phones and from side to side on tablets and iPads.

How great that is to have everything that I want on one great looking widget without clicking on separate icons. Just when I thought I had everything.

Steps to Getting Flipboard On Your Smartphone

Remember that your phone will need enough memory on your device so move your pictures and videos onto your memory card if you don't have enough memory on your device.

  1. Go to your app store and search for the icon or install widget if you see it. The download is free. You can find it in your
  2. Sign up for Flipboard account. The app will work wonderfully without signing up for and account. But signing up will give you more benefits such as connecting Twitter and Facebook, which is great and convenient.
  3. You will see your content options and be able to check the ones that appeal to you.
  4. Finished! Your phone will now have exclusive content with the best pictures and titles anyone looking will be jealous and want the same.

Flipboard Digital Magazine Features

You Can Create Your Own Magazine and More With the Flipboard magazine app. The way you use your device has just changed.

Flipboard magazine will flip like a book from side to side with a swiping motion or up and down on smaller devices. Updating your phone and not updating the way you receive your information is a mistake.

With Flipboard you would have just revolutionized the way you get your content. This app is easy to use and is a game changer. It is easy to use and will have you hugging your device for hours on end. If you think your not the type you haven't used Flipboard. This app is must have been developed with our baby boomers in mind. Just imagine everything we want at our fingertips. Now stop imagining and get the app.

With the type of money we spend every month on our cell phone bill we at least need to get the best use of all the tools we have afforded ourselves. Flipboard is the app that will help you get more.


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