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How to Get 750 Free Backlinks a Month With SocialMonkee

Updated on April 15, 2012

Why do we need SocialMonkee?

SocialMonkee is a backlinking tool that helps you to create 25 unique backlinks to any page or hubpage you choose, and also you can do it every single day.

The generation of backlinks is very important, given that the more good quality backlinks to a website, better positioning of our site or hubpage on google and other searche engines. The backlinks are incoming links to a website or web page.

Today backlinks are essential for your website or hubpage to achieve top positions on search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo or others. We are all are aware that the proper generation of backlinks, is capable of carrying a substantial amount of targeted traffic to our websites or hubs.

On the other hand creating backlinks is usually a long and laborious process. But SocialMonkee is a super simple tool to use. That's why SocialMonkee has made ​​it easy for you to to build backlinks fast.

SocialMonkee - Backlink Builder Tool

The easiest to build 25 UNIQUE backlinks to your pages daily with the push of a button! Register now and start generating quality links to your site today!

Submit your page in less and 2 Minutes

Register to SocialMonkee

There are 2 Levels of Membership to SocialMonkee

The basic membership is free, offering the creation of 25 inbound backlinks to your chosen website every single day, resulting in 750 backlinks each month.

For a payment of $ 47 it offers a premium membership that allows you to submit 3 pages a day and build at least 100 backlinks to each of them. In addition you will have access to link reports and RSS feeds that are useful for indexing your backlinks.

But it gets even better, you can also get a premium membership by referring 12 people to their site through your own affiliate link.

Using the free Firefox SocialMonkee add-on

Submitting a website to SocialMonkee through the members area usually takes less than 2 minutes, however, there is an even faster approach.

SocialMonkee created a Firefox plugin that allows you to submit your site to a maximum of 100 web sites (Premium Account) within a few mouse clicks, in collaboration with none other than Firefox!

If you have a premium account you can also have access to link reports and RSS feeds. That is certainly excellent for keeping an eye on your overall backlinks and get them all indexed in no time.


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