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Free CD-ROMs and DVDs

Updated on January 1, 2013
Free DVDs
Free DVDs | Source

Whether it be computer software or the latest film we all use and watch DVDs and CD-ROM discs at one point or another. There's only one thing that is better than buying those things that we love and that is getting them for free. Across the Internet there are large amounts of software and films that can be received for free, not just through downloading but receiving discs in the mail. Many companies want to advertise in this way by giving limited DVDs away as well as other reasons. This article is a list of genuine websites with large listings of DVDs and CD-ROM discs available for free. We've done our best to list what types are available, if there are stipulations etc.

Only Free Website

The Only Free website has a collection of different free DVDs from which include: medical films, some based on hair loss, owning Arabian horses, travel, homemaking, motorcycles and Huggie diapers. As said previously some of these offers are more to advertise so I would look through the listing thoroughly to decide what DVDs you may actually want.

Canadian Free Stuff

For those in the frozen north this website is a great treasure trove of free DVDs and CD for the taking. This site includes DVDs on the following subjects: Christian bible study, African wildlife, music samplers, exercise videos, cartoons, old films, hip hop and Christmas themed. The website is geared toward Canadians but many of the offers are also available in the US and other countries.

My Savings Website

The My Savings website is primarily filled with free DVD rentals available form different big name websites. These are usually associated with some type of deal, signing up for something etc. to be eligible for the free rental.

Mini War Gaming DVD

This site offers min war gaming DVDs in exchange for signing up for a seven day trial membership to the website. You can cancel after the seven day trial membership if you so choose with no real money loss on your part. As seen on the website there are only so many DVDs and over time many are no longer offered. It is best to check the site to decide which you prefer.

Stock Footage For Free

This website features DVDs with stock footage usually divided into different collections for each DVD. These DVD collections include videos on: slow motion, time lapse, aerial compositions, backgrounds and general video footage. This is for those looking for material for different film projects.

Planet CD-ROM

An excellent website with many free CD-ROM and other software. In this case all you are paying for is just the shipping and handling but the software is free. Looking through the website many types of software can be found such as: educational, 3D modelling, and even 3D video games.

The Discovery Channel

This channel offers some free videos of some of its programming which you can order online, again you just have to pay the shipping and handling. The link provided will take you to the request page the videos available are primarily medical related covering subjects on insulin, cancer, sexual issues, etc.

Cautionary Advice

When searching out free DVDs or CD-ROM software on the Internet be careful. There are a lot of websites claiming to offer something for nothing but are merely a scam. Don't give out personal info unless you are sure of the website you are visiting. Also don't download anything to your computer simple because the website claims you will receive a special offer.


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