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Free EXCEL tutorials

Updated on September 10, 2012
EXCEL 2010
EXCEL 2010

The power of EXCEL

Things are very simple toady in a time of modern communication. Computers are capable of performing large calculations without people helping them. There are many products for calculations but personally my favourite is EXCEL. This product is commercial and made by MICROSOFT, which you all know or have heard of. The product is capable of performing large mathematical and statistical calculations. It also is very simple to use, and all people need is some experience. So far, MICROSOFT announced several versions of this software, each one better than the other one, but EXCEL 2010 is the state of the art software. It is a software that can be used in accounting, warehouse management, and many other useful applications. All the user needs is fantasy. For beginners, it may look hard to learn it, but there is this e-book that I found. This e-book covers all the steps for every beginner to become EXCEL expert. You can download it for free of course, and become expert.


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    • cleanenergy profile image

      Mile 3 years ago from Bitola

      The link worls perfectly. It has been uploaded on Google Drive. If you still have any problems give me your email I will send it to you