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Free Energy by Steorn

Updated on January 26, 2012

Could Orbo be the answer to our global addiction to fossil fuels?

Steorn Discovers Free Energy

An empirical law of physics is The Law of Conservation Of Energy. In simple terms this means that in any closed system, which does not allow energy in or any to leak out, energy can neither be created nor destroyed but could change form e.g. the energy of the wind can be converted into electrical energy to heat and light a home.

Scientists have pondered the idea of developing perpetual motion machines for years but the stumbling block was always, the accepted law, that energy in a closed system was conserved.  If you accept this law you would also have to concede that it would be impossible to create a machine that produces more work or energy than it would consume.


Understanding the Orbo principle: 3 KEY EXPERIMENTS

Hugh Deasy calls to tell me the exciting news about Orbo

I received a call from an old school friend, Hugh Deasy, about two years ago telling me that he was working on a very exciting project with an Irish company called Steorn. Hugh is a Physicist / Astronomer with a PhD from Trinity College Dublin and works in satellite control in Germany. Hugh and I share the same interest in consciousness and have kept in touch off and on from our school days in Synge Street C.B.S. in Dublin.Hugh was a genius then and he absorbed knowledge like a sponge. He asked questions in class that baffled the teachers and exhibited a wisdom that was way beyond his years. He was an unassuming character who took no nonsense from anyone either so he wasn’t your stereo typical nerd. Hugh is as forthright today as he ever was. Seeing him as always calm and collected I was surprised when I heard such excitement in his voice. “We’ve done it”, he said. He went on to explain that he was part of a group of scientists who had discovered how to create free energy. I couldn’t understand everything he was saying but what was clear was they had made a break through with perpetual motion. Like Copernicus who challenged the world view at the time that the earth was flat and the planets, including the sun orbited the earth, Hugh and his colleagues were challenging a Law that was central to present day science and upon which all our machinery is developed.

Steorn, an Irish company had thrown down the gauntlet to the scientific community worldwide and were in the process of having their machine, called the Orbo, tested for its claim to produce free energy. In the video below Sean McCarthy CEO of Steorn explains their discovery in an interview on Fox News.

Steorn power on Fox News Interview

The Principle upon which Orbo is based

Below is an e-mail I received from Hugh when I told him I would write an article in HubPages about their discovery:

“Easiest is to imagine the old right hand rule for the force on a wire. Thumb
magnetic field, current along index finger and force is along the 2nd finger
perpendicular to the other 2 directions. Now this is what makes the 'Lorentz'
force special - i.e. the reaction is at right angles to the incoming field.
Compare that to 2 magnets attracting or repelling - the force is straight
ahead - no perpendicular action there! So this right hand or Lorentz force
is not linear and so could get around the linear action-reaction of all other
That's the basis of my idea. The details I prefer to keep secret for the
time being - until it is patented or otherwise protected.
Then we'll see if it's different from jumping off a storm wall”

The “storm wall" he was referring to was my recently adopted hobby of diving off harbour storm walls as a way of facing and dealing with the emotion of fear.

Steorn’s discovery hails an important milestone in scientific discovery and one which has the potential to solve the world's energy crisis. Just imagine driving a car that uses a clean constant supply of energy. Imagine never having to refuel and no more carbon emissions.


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    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 7 years ago from Isle of Man

      I am glad you found it interesting. Thank you for your comment.

    • Green Wasabi profile image

      Green Wasabi 7 years ago

      I have followed your links and reviewed some of material I could find. So far it looks very exciting. It's really interesting how it will develop and what impact it will make. Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!

    • Green Wasabi profile image

      Green Wasabi 7 years ago

      I haven't heard about Steorn before, but initially it looks very exciting. I will take a deeper look at it and will let you know what I think.